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Aquaz™ has been a Korean market leader and is expanding its business area worldwide while opening up new markets of water sports since establishment in 1986. Aquaz™ continues to improve its various brands such as “AQUAZ” while developing new design and advanced materials.

Aquaz™ in Korea started from New-Divers Co., Ltd. changed its name to Aqua Sports Co., Ltd. in 2003 and is in the process of expanding its business to be a worldwide market leader. Supplying diving and fishing products for many popular brands in the world, Aquaz™ has established it’s reputations for high quality manufacturing. Not only supplying our products to others, Aquaz™ is bringing high quality and competitive priced products with a brand of “AQUAZ” to the world. Moreover Aquaz™ is taking steps ahead to improve diving and fishing culture with responsibility of leadership in water sports fields.

Aquaz™ manufactures clothing, shoes, bags, accessories for diving, fishing, extreme water sports, and many other water sports.

Manufacturing is based in Korea. Over 30 countries purchase products from Aquaz™, and customers abroad recognize Aquaz® as a manufacturer with the best quality and price. Aquaz™ production is divided into diving, fishing, and extreme water sports. Products categories are such as Dry suit, Wet suit, Diving bags, gloves, boots for Diving, Breathable Waders, Neoprene Waders, shoes, boots, bags, rod cases, and accessories for Fishing, Wet suit, boots, clothing, accessories for Extreme water sports. Aquasports starts another strong year for 2013 with leading technology and experience in the field. Trust is the first promise to our customers. Aquaz™ will always put all efforts for our customers and a bright future for our oceans, lakes and rivers.