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Catalogue Expert 2018 PL

Catalogue Expert 2018 PL


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The 2007 season for EXPERT floats means lots of colourful changes! New colours, new weights, new designs. Quality stays the same - constantly the best. The quality that made countless number of seasoned anglers choose our products as No.1 in Poland. Some models are even believed to be indestructible!
Brand new in our EXPERT 2007 range are spinners equipped with the world''s-best GAMAKATSU 13B treble hook! When buying a spinner it''s important to look at the hook it comes with because this is the part on which the number of takes depends. We have rotary spinners in "0" to "5" sizes in effective and proven colours.
Our 2007 product range is enhanced with polarized sunglasses which are indispensable to every float-, spinning- and fly-angler. American-made lenses with 400UV filter offer 100% UV protection for your eyes, with crystal-clear vision without reflexes. Clear vision is particularly important when tracing the bait movement on both sunny and windy days.
Take some time to look at SPRO products. Along with the enhanced range of great reels and high-quality rods we''d like to draw your attention to totally new and value-for-money artificial lure choice. All presented models have been thoroughly tested with regard to functioning, swimming depth and "sticking to" the retrieval path. SPRO artificial baits mean effectiveness.
Other new products include BIG CLASSIC jig heads with GAMAKATSU JIG - 90 hooks from 6/0 to 12/0 up to 50 g and MINI heads with GAMAKATSU JIG - 29, sizes: 2, 4, 6 and weight from 1 to 5 g.
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