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Fluorocarbon lines

SPRO Fluorocarbon FS
New 2019!
Prices from 3.40 €
Savage Gear
Prices from 6.50 €
Prices from 7.50 €
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Prices from 15.63 €
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Prices from 3.35 €
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Prices from 8.13 €
The material, which until recently aroused a lot of controversy, is currently used in many types of spinning fishing. What are fluorocarbon lines ? These are lines made of a version of carbon fibre and in fact the only thing that connects it with a traditional fishing line is ... the application. The most important advantage of fluorocarbon is the fact that it has the same angle of refraction of sunbeams as water, and thus - it is completely invisible to fish. It has increased (compared to mono line) resistance to mechanical damage, although it has a slightly lower knot strength. The material itself is heavier than nylon, and therefore sinks definitely better.
Fluorocarbon lines, due to their invisibility in water, are used both as the main line and the leader material. The small diameters will be useful for perch or trout sets, the slightly larger ones will be useful when hunting for picky and poorly feeding pikeperches and the strongest ones will be perfect as a material for pike leaders when fishing with jerk baits.