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K Niemy Flies Sets

Prices from 45.50 zł

Hemingway's Fly sets

Prices from 35.75 zł

Wizard Andrzej Zasadzki Streamers (barded)

Prices from 3.50 zł

Wizard Andrzej Zasadzki Nymphs (barbless)

Prices from 3.90 zł

K Niemy Flies Nymphs (barbless)

Tied on barbless hooks with tungsten beads.
Prices from 3.70 zł

K Niemy Baltic Sea Trout Flies

Fly patterns for baltic sea trout. Available imitation of a...
Prices from 6.20 zł

K Niemy Wet flies

Prices from 3.60 zł

K Niemy Salmon flies

Prices from 6.40 zł

Wizard Andrzej Zasadzki Scuds (barbless)

Prices from 5.60 zł

K Niemy Flies Buggers (barbless)

Tied on barbless hooks.
Prices from 5.00 zł