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Daiwa reels, news from Lucky John and Gary Yamamoto

New Products

We start with the delivery of Daiwa, in which we received the latest series of Tournament QD, Ballistic EX LT and Airity LT, as well as the extremely popular feeder-match model TDR Match & Feeder.

Tournament QD Reels

Ballistic EX LT Reels

Airity LT Reels

TDR Match & Feeder Reels

From the Strike Pro we have a new size of the popular Pig Shad Jr. (15 cm).

From Lucky John we got two new series of spinners Bonnie Blade and Shelt Blade.

We received new Psycho Dad lures and new colors in already available series from the distributor of the Gary Yamamoto brand.

Psycho Dad
new series
new colors
Fat Baby Craw
new colors
Shad Shape Worm
new colors
Kut Tail Worm
new colors
Single Tail
new colors

From Shimano we have added the Ultegra FC 2500S HG reel and Tiger Baku Baku sea lures to our offer.


Prorex Fluorocarbon Lines

Massive Baits products

Dorado Lures

Wob-Art lures

Mivardi products

Match Pro products

Special Prices

Gamakatsu Hooks
Prices from 2.61 Eur, many different series
Heatlite Thermo Jacket - XL
for 65.17 Eur
Pilkers TFL
Prices from 1.91 Eur, different types

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka