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Delivery of Dragon rods, New products from Prologic, Mepps

New Products

We start this News from a large supply of Dragon rods, many popular models are again available!


Black Rock II Spinning Rods

X-Treme HD Spinning Rods


Black Rock II Casting Rods

Express Spinn Rods

From the Distributor of the Prologic brand we received, long awaited, supply of Inspire Relax Recliner Chair With Armrests.

We have added a few new series and colors to the offer japanese lures DUO.

Realis Crank Mid Roller 40F Crankbaits

Bay Ruf Manic Fish 99 Sea lures

Realis Pencil 65 Lures

Realis Popper 64 Lures

new colors

Realis Apex Crank 66 Squared Hard Lures

new colors

Spearhead Ryuki 80S SW Limited Hard Lures

new colors

In the last delivery of the spinners Mepps appeared 3 new models and new colors and sizes in well-known series.

Giant Killer Spinners

Musky Killer Spinners

Aglia LongCast Spinners

Aglia Flying Spinners

new colors and sizes

Aglia Platium Spinners

new colors and sizes

glia Fluo Spinners

new colors and sizes

We received 3 new series of baits from the distributor of Zipbaits and Pontoon21.

Khamsin 105 SR Hard Lures

Rigge Flat 80S Hard Lures

Baby Red Rag Hard Lures

From Fox, we have a Duralite 1 Season sleeping bag, which perfectly suits the summer fishing camps.

In the offer of fly materials are new genetic hen neck and saddle brands of Metz.

Micro Barb Cock Saddle

Hen Neck

Hen Saddle


Flagman products

Kenart lures

Foldable Eva Bags - Large

Dynamite Baits products

Guideline products

Siek lures

Special Prices

Carp R Us products

in price from 1.11 Eur, sale for 80% off

Geoff Anderson

Prices from 50.00 Eur

Mustad hooks

in price from 0.44 Eur, many overpriced series

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka