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New products from Savage Gear, Prologic and SPRO

New Products

We start this news with new products from Savage Gear and Prologic. An interesting proposition are the Prologic reels with free spool at very attractive prices.

C-Series BF Reels

Avenger BF Reels

Density Snag & Shock Leader

SGS2 Eging Rods

Lure Carryall WPMP

SS Corkscrew Stingers

From SPRO we have new lures from the 2022 offer, including interesting spinning tails!

ASP Spinner UV Lures

Salty Beast Mega Jig Shad Sea Lures

ASP Spinner XL Lures

From Jaxon we got new Holo Select Senso lures in very attractive colors!

For fans of method feeder we have new Owner braid hair rigs.

Method Feeder braid hair rigs with Quick stop FDB-03

Method Feeder braid hair rigs with Pellet Band FDB-02

Method Feeder braid hair rigs with Spear FDB-01

Fly anglers will find in our offer materials of the new Semperfli brand.

Perdigon Body

Dry Fly Polyyarn

Dirty Bug Yarn

Straggle String Micro Chenille

Straggle String Multicard Pack

Ice Dubbing


Japanese Zipbaits lures

Westin lures

Massive Baits products

Spinmad Lures

Kenart Lures

Moresilda Spoons

Special Prices

Airity LT Reels

from 255.56 Eur, up to 65.33 Eur cheaper!

Beast Pro Casting Rod

the last piece for 153.33 Eur, 79.78 Eur cheaper!

Pontoon21 Hightailer Lures

from 2.89 Eur per package, up to 30% cheaper!

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka