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New products from Shimano, Cortland and many more

New products

We are starting this news with a significant extension of the Shimano lures offer.

Cardiff Chibitoro Hard Lures

Cardiff Flügel Flat AR-C Hard Lures

Cardiff Dartheat Hard Lures

Cardiff Folletta Hard Lures

Exsence Blast Shad Hard Lures

Cardiff Flügel Flat Hard Lures

Cardiff Fuwatoro Top Hard Lures

We have two series of new wader models from the distributor of Scierra and Prologic brands.

Yosemite 30000 Chest StockingFoot Waders

MAX5 Taslan Chest Boot Foot Waders

From Westin we have a new Salty Inline lures , this version has all the necessary features ensuring long casts even during the strongest wind, allowing it to be led both very quickly and extremely slowly.

Wob-Art has new colors of the Kiełb XL Hard Lure, recommended for zander, sea trout and salmon.

From FishUp we have new series of soft lures Yochu Garlic Trout Series and Pupa Garlic Trout Series, as well as new colors in other series.

Pupa Garlic Trout Series Soft baits

Yochu Garlic Trout Series Soft baits

We have the following products with Spro:

Bent Nose Pliers 18cm

Jighead Offset Jig 71

Trout Master Camola Hard Lures - new colors

For fly anglers we have new classic fly lines, Spey type lines and Cortland lines. A total of 9 new series.

From Massive Baits we have the following new items:

Real Liver Liquid

Stick Mix PVA Method Groundbait - new flavors

Vario Mixed Pellets 10kg 1.5-10mm


Dorado lures

Akara lures

Fish Arrow lures

Rapala products

Spinmad lures

Imago Lures

Special prices

Softshell Simply Savage

Price from 57.95 Eur

Zip Hoodie Simply Savage

Price from 29.55 Eur

Spiderwire Stealth Smooth 12 Braid Moss Green

Price from 23.86 Eur

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

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