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Special prices for Dragon rods

New products

We start this news with a great prices for Dragon spinning and casting rods. Available nearly 60 models of rods from series: PRO GUIDE X, Nano Power XT60P, Flash XC40P, and also others. Limited offer while stocks last!

From Sakura we have a new Bainer jerkbait series, new colors Tailspin, Gemibug and Notobug.

Sakura Bainer

Sakura Tailspin

Sakura Gemibug - FF

Sakura Notobug - FF

From FOX we have their newest Horizon X3 carp landing net.

From Jaxon, we have new products from the 2021 catalog offer.

Rig boxes with Eva Spools for leaders

Bait needles with silicone connector

Boilie stoppers PC092

For fly fishermen who make artificial flies, we have new Dohiku hooks and products of the Serbian Hemingway brand.

Hemingway Realistic Sculpin Heads

Fly sets Hemingway

Fly Hooks Dohiku HDR Terrestrial

Fly Hooks Dohiku HDO Blood Worm


Reels Dragon Mega Baits Stealth L.D.Feeder

Westin products

Spinners Blue fox

Hard lures Dorado

Spinners Mepps

Dynamite Baits products

Special prices

Quick 6 SLS 7000 FD

for 72.73 Eur, cheaper by 40 Eur

Rods Mivardi Easy Match

Price from 27.27 Eur, different models

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka