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New lures from Tiemco, Manns, accessories from Korda

New Products

We start this news with a large supply of the well-known Japanese brand Tiemco, which includes new series of lures and new colors in other series.

Imeru 50S Lures

Red Pepper Lures

Laks 60S Lures

Sumari Medium Runner 88F Lures

PDL Bait Finesse Jig EVO Lures

PDL Super Hovering Fish Soft baits

The new products include Mann's PREDATOR 3 UV soft baits - based on the legendary original Predator.

We received a lot of news from the Korda company. These include carp lines, hooks, leader sets and spools for storing leaders.

Dark Matter Action Pack

Kamakura Wide Gape X Hooks

Rig Spools

LongChuck Clear Monofilament Lines

LongChuck Tapered Leaders

LongChuck Tapered Mainline Clear Monofilament Lines

The popular pike jerkbaits Dorado Drunk gained two new colors: MC and GRS.

We have received two new colors from the Gunki brand, Blue Alive and Strass Perch in the Megalon 75 F series and supplemented our inventory with other items of this brand.


Strike Pro lures

Fox Rage lures

Microbait lures

Browning CK Carp Waggler Rods

Rapala lures

Guideline fly tying products

Special Prices

DAM Salt-X Tuna 2.40m 50lb Rods

for 66.67 Eur, cheaper by 33.33 Eur

Shimano Twin Power XD Reels

Price from 333.33 Eur, different sizes

Cat Buster Vertical 1.70m 100-200g Rods

for 88.67 Eur, cheaper by 37.11 Eur

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka