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New products from Daiwa, 13 Fishing, Jackson, Shimano special prices

New Products

We start this news with the new Daiwa brand, from which we have limited reels produced in Japan from the Luvias Airity LT 21 series and 135 meters versions of the latest Tournament X8 Braid Evo + braids.

Luvias Airity LT 21 Reels

Tournament X8 Braid Evo+ Chartreuse 135m Braided lines

From the distributor of the American brand 13 Fishing, we have a supply of 9 series of soft baits and a baitcasting reels 13 Fishing Origin with a fast 8.1:1 ratio.

Buff is a brand that does not need to be introduced to you, so now we have added high-quality buff neckwarmer, caps and hats to our offer.

Straight from Japan, we have a delivery of the Jackson brand, including new Teppan Vib cicada lures and a significant addition to the assortment in other series.

Another new series of Duel and Yo-Zuri lures have appeared in our offer, and additionally we have Japanese braids of these well-known brands.

Duel Hardcore Super 8 Braided lines

Super X-Wire 4 Braided lines

Super Braid 8X Braided lines

3DB Pencil Lures

Hardcore LG Popper Lures

3DB Pencil Popper Lures

From Rapala we have new colors of lures from the following two series:

MaxRap Walk'n Roll Lures

X-Rap Magnum Hard Lures

With DAM MADCAT we have 3 series of catfish rods:

Black Inline 210 Rods

Black Pellet Rods

Black Close Combat 180 Rods

From Manyfik we have their latest Jerry lure which is available in 7 sizes and recommended for catching chub, ides, trout, perch, pike and asps.

The offer of Japanese Meiho Versus boxes and cases has been extended by several models, including 3 limited series signed with the ABU brand.

Abu Hook & sinker case

Abu Compact Lure Case SFC LF

Abu Lure Case

VS-7080N, VS-7070N, VS-7055N Tackle Boxes


Two Sided Lure Cases Reversible

We have expanded the offer of soft baits by the American brand Zoom Bait Company with 7 new series.

From the Czech Hanak, we have two series of fly reels and the newest series of H925 BL Streamer & Stillwater barbless hooks.

Hanak Lake Pro 78 Fly Reels

Hanak Streamer 67 Fly Reels

H 925 BL Streamer & Stillwater Hooks

For all the performers artificial flies we have interesting toolkits brand Loon and great dubs Hareline.

From Scierra we have a new model of the Tech Hoodie.

We have a supply of new floats from Expert.


Dynamite Baits products

Balzer lures

Savage Gear 4 Ultra-Light Game Rods

Mepps Fishing Spinners and Spoons

Salmo lures

Hungarian CUKK maize

Special Prices

Shimano Twin Power FD Reels

Price from 347.05 Eur, different models

Shimano Technium AX Spinning Rods

Price from 104.32 Eur, different models

Shimano Norden SP Spinning Rods

Price from 113.18 Eur, different models

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka