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New products from Westin, Rapala, Balzer, Browning, Black Cat

New products

We start this news with new lures in the assortment of the Scandinavian brand Westin. We have 4 new series and two new sizes in the Platypus hard lures.

Platypus DR Crankbait Hard Lures

Platypus SR Crankbait Hard Lures

Seatrout Lures

Great Heron Spoons

Platypus 16 cm and 19 cm

From Rapala we have new colors of hard lures in several series below.

Team Esko Hard Lures

Twitchin Rap Lures

X-Rap Magnum Hard Lures

Rapala CountDown

From Balzer we have 4 new series of lures, 2 series of spinners and 2 series of spinning tails.

From Spro we have a new series of small trout wobblers Trout Master Wobbla.

From Black Cat we have 5 new series of Perfect Passion catfish rods.

From Black Cat we have 5 new series of Perfect Passion catfish rods.

From Savage Gear we have the new Thermo Guard 3 piece coverall that is reinforced in the most critical areas and is also waterproof, breathable and offers very high functionality.

From Daiwa we have new Black Widow Extension Carp rods. It is a new extended version of the Black Widow series equipped with a telescopic handle.

For fly fishermen who make artificial flies, we have the new FMFly 461BL Wide Jig Strong jig hooks, which are characterized by a wide knee bend and reinforced bold wire. Thanks to direct purchases from the manufacturer, we can offer these hooks at a great price!


Salmo Hard Lures

Pontoon21 Awaruna Soft Baits

Rapala CountDown Elite Hard Lures

Japanese Reins soft baits

Wapsi fly tying materials

Mivardi brand products

Special prices

Savage Gear 3D Hybrid Pike Spare Tail Kit

for 2.27 Eur

Scierra X-Force Wading Shoe

Price from 95.45 Eur

Jackets Savage Salt Pack-Lite

Price from 93.18 Eur

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka