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New Spinmad, Mepps delivery, DAM Effzett discounted prices

New Products

We have received hot new products from Spinmad in the past week. Pro Spinner lures are the most versatile and functional spinning tail that will appear in your boxes.

49 items is available again after the last, large supply of spinners Meeps.

The offer of French Adam`s lures has been extended by the new Chiko Minnow 44 model. Additionally, there are many new colors in other series.

Chiko Minnow 44 Hard Lures

new series

Pencil 60 F Lures

new colors

Pencil 85 F Lures

new colors

Jerkbait 50 SP SR Hard Lures

new colors

Crank Saki 27 F MR Hard Lures

new colors

From the producer of Polish hard lures Kenart we have 2 new series of lures: Glimmer Plus lures (for pike and zander twitching) and Skim trolling lures (for catfish and pikes)

The new 6-cm Luvos hard lures have appeared in the Scandinavian Tackle offer.

We have new bait bags and accessories from Fox. There are also new models in the Eos Pro and Eos Pro TELE series of fishing rods.

2 new series of hook balls have appeared in the Star Baits offer.

Probiotic Monster Crab Pop Up

PC GLM Hard Baits

For fly anglers we have new materials and tools Veniard brand.

Cock Pheasant Hopper Legs

English Partridge Complete Skin

GP tippet 1/2 collar dyed

TC Premium Tool Kit

TC Premium Bobbin Holder

TC Premium Rotary Whip Finish Tool

We also have new fly tying materials from the Hareline Dubbin brand.

Flat Wing Saddles

Ripple Ice Hair

Saltwater Cape

Senyo's Laser Dub

new colors

Mini Squiggle Worms

new colors

Creepy Crawley Ice Dub

new colors


Bivvy FOX Frontier XD

Rods Browning Argon 2.0 Feeder

Quantum lures

Dorado lures

Guideline products

Japanese DUO lures

Special Prices

DAM Effzett lures

many discounted series at prices from 1.36 Eur

Dragon Cap

Price from 12.50 Eur

Mivardi Hardcore Power Bank

Price from 115.91 Eur

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka