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Prices from 53.00 zł
No. 376 Sure Stop Pro for 60” Downrigger boom The sure stop...
Prices from 109.00 zł
High Performance Downrigger Cable 180lb 300ft - Premium, 1...
Prices from 268.00 zł
1.5″ Ball Mount with Fish Finder & Universal Mounting Plate...
Prices from 279.00 zł
Strong, adjustable, graphite boat rod rest with a rod lockin...
Prices from 99.00 zł
No. 150 Ball Mounting System With Universal Mounting Plate...
Prices from 195.00 zł
Prices from 249.00 zł
KSP-0276 PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Anchor release system for s...
Prices from 169.00 zł
Prices from 53.00 zł
KSP-0140 Kayak / SUP Transducer Arm Mount for Post Mounts P...
Prices from 107.00 zł
Prices from 156.00 zł
PRODUCT OVERVIEW: - 5/16″ x 2 1/4″ Replacement Mounting...
Prices from 81.00 zł
The all time Scotty leader in performance and sales. Compact...
Prices from 1393.00 zł
No. 1071 Laketroller Downrigger with Portable Clamp Mount....
Prices from 668.00 zł
Ideal for big boats. All the same features as the 1090 plus...
Prices from 2900.00 zł
The Scotty Depthpower Downrigger Kit contains essential repl...
Prices from 227.00 zł
The top choice of charter captains. This unit gives the vers...
Prices from 5169.00 zł
The number one choice in trolling performance for the charte...
Prices from 6430.00 zł
Equipped with fin which prevents from rolling the line. It s...
Prices from 139.00 zł
Scotty also has a line of boating accessories for all types...
Prices from 61.00 zł
DAM Rods Hard Core Vol. 3 Planer
New 2022!
The Hard Core Vol. 3 Planer rod uses a lightweight and durab...
Prices from 192.00 zł
DAM Rods Salmonizer Planer
New 2022!
Salmonizer Planer rods are built with lightweight and durabl...
Prices from 137.00 zł
DAM Rods Salmonizer Trolling
New 2022!
Salmonizer Trolling rods are built with lightweight and dura...
Prices from 120.00 zł
Penn Rods Overseas XT Trolling
New 2021!
The PENN Overseas rod range is a brand new range that includ...
Prices from 1026.00 zł