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Pellet Spectrum for the hair rig 8mm
Special price!

Pellet Spectrum for the hair rig 8mm - Sturgeon


Capacity: 100 ml
Diameter: 8.00 mm

0.91 €     1.82 €
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Meus is a Polish producer of lures and groundbaits for anglers. The company already has a few years' history. It was established in 2008, continuing a tradition of experimenting and preparing fishing lures for ourselves and our friends. Very good results and growing interest convinced us to turn our passion into a source of income.
The beginnings were not easy - the first two years were spent on adjusting and improving the products to ensure their consistent quality. In 2010 our products were introduced into stores and started gaining popularity among carp anglers.
In 2015 we started expanding our assortment and introduced equipment for a fairly unknown in Poland at that time technique - method feeder.
Currently Meus offers over 700 different products, which have been proven effective in Poland as well as abroad (Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Netherlands).

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