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Rapala RCD Fillet Knife

Rapala RCD Fillet Knife
New 2023!
• Polished and flexible monobloc blade in Japanese quality s...
Prices from 20.00 €

Marttiini Black 8 Folding Knife

Marttiini Black 8 Folding Knife
New 2023!
A convenient folding knife with a stylish, chromium plated s...
Prices from 32.24 €

Marttiini MEF Folding Knife

Marttiini MEF Folding Knife
New 2023!
The blade on the Marttiini MEF flips open with one smooth sw...
Prices from 32.47 €

Marttiini MFK Folding Knife

Marttiini MFK Folding Knife
New 2023!
A convenient folding knife with a stylish, chromium plated s...
Prices from 50.12 €

Jaxon Scraper to the fish

Available two models of scrapers to fish.
Prices from 6.24 €

Mustad Fillet knifes MT098 / MT099 / MT100

German Stainless-Steel blade for excellent corrosion resista...
Prices from 31.06 €

Mustad Fillet knifes MT092 / MT093 / MT094

Stainless-Steel blade for maximum sharpness and edge retenti...
Prices from 20.47 €

Mustad Bait knife MTB002

Prep your bait for action out on the water with Mustad’s 4”...
Prices from 6.35 €

Jaxon Knife NS032

Prices from 5.88 €

Jaxon Knife NS031

Prices from 4.33 €

Morakniv Floating Knives Morakniv

Morakniv presents the new floating knife! A perfect tool for...
Prices from 36.94 €

Mustad Serrated Fillet Knife MT004

Constructed with high quality materials. The fully serrated...
Prices from 14.59 €

Cuda Cuda 7

A great choice for all purpose filleting. This knife feature...
Prices from 28.94 €

Cuda Cuda 3" Titanium Bonded Net Knife with Sheath

The perfect knife for cutting net. This knife features a ser...
Prices from 16.71 €

Cuda Cuda 10

This Cuda knife has a wide blade that is semi-flexible for f...
Prices from 33.41 €

Cuda Cuda 7

- Titanium Bonded German 4116 Corrosion-Resistant - Stain...
Prices from 32.71 €

Cuda Cuda 6" Fillet Knife Molded Micarta

Cuda Professional Knives are built for the serious fisherma...
Prices from 89.88 €

Cuda Cuda 6.5 Titanium Bonded Folding Fillet Knife

This knife folds for safety and storage and features a 6.5"...
Prices from 31.29 €

Cuda Cuda Titanium Bonded Flex Fillet Knife

Flexible blade for filleting. 6" Titanium Bonded 4116 German...
Prices from 21.41 €

Cuda Cuda 2.5 Titanium Bonded Bait Knife

This Cuda 2.5" knife is perfect for cutting bait and shellin...
Prices from 13.18 €

Cuda Cuda Knife & Shear Sharpener

The bottom suction will secure to any clean, flat surface an...
Prices from 22.59 €

Marttiini Knive Filleting Knife Basic

Better filleting for a good price! The well fitting rubber...
Prices from 31.29 €

Jaxon Knife NS30M

Prices from 7.29 €

Cuda Cuda 4 Titanium Bonded Fillet Knife

This 4" Cuda Fillet knife features precision ground edge and...
Prices from 18.59 €

Jaxon Board for filleting fish

Board for filleting fish with practical grip designet to pre...
Prices from 21.88 €

Jaxon Pocket knifes NG00

Jaxon AK-NG001 pocket knife: Jaxon 4 functions, 22 cm unfol...
Prices from 7.65 €

Jaxon Pocket knife AJ-NS28M

11 functions. Blister packaging. Length: 15 cm unfolded, 9 c...
Prices from 6.00 €

Jaxon Board for filleting fish

Practical grip designet to prevent fishes from sliping.
Prices from 16.24 €

Morakniv Knifes

Fishing Comfort Fillet 155 A long filleting knife with a bl...
Prices from 33.41 €
When going on a fishing trip, it is worth having a good fishing knife with you, which can turn out to be a very useful, multifunctional tool. It can successfully replace scissors or cutters, help in making the necessary repairs or make it possible to make or filleting the fish. We offer fishing knives for fish filleting, as well as multi-functional survival tools, as well as sharpening accessories. The offer includes renowned producers such as Morakniv, Marttini, Rapala, Jaxon, DAM or Cuda.