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Monofilament fishing line for leader
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Dragon Monofilament mainlines HM80 v.2 MONO 50m

New generation of hybrid line, made in the process of so-cal...
Prices from 2.54 €

Dragon Monofilament mainlines HM69 Pro v.2 MONO 50m

New hybrid line, which contains in standard nylon structure...
Prices from 2.07 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines HM80 Competition

Tournament premium grade line with Poliamide Nano+ Technolog...
Prices from 3.20 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines Millennium Soft

Manufactured from crystalline polymer chains of increased le...
Prices from 0.85 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines HM69 50M

HM69hybryd fishing line with fluorocarbon bonds low memory...
Prices from 2.21 €

Drennan Monofilament Lines Supplex Hooklength

Supplex is a fantastic material for float and feeder fishing...
Prices from 2.24 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines XT69 Hi-Tech Competition 25m

Line recommended for float fishing, ideal for making variety...
Prices from 0.47 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines HM80 50M

Hybrid fishing lines with fluorocarbon content produced by M...
Prices from 2.40 €
Lines for leader for making float leaders. Monofilament fishing line for leader are usually available on spools with a small capacity of 25 to 50 meters, but in many cases the same lines for leaders are available in much larger spools of 100 or 200 meters.
The main characteristics of such a leader line are its softness and extensibility which is so helpful when fishing with very delicate rigs with 0.10mm or thinner leaders.
In addition, these lines are very often used by competition anglers to make rigs for pole rods.
We offer lines for leaders from renowned brands such as Drennan, Maver, Dragon Fishing, Stroft, DAM.