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Trabucco Kołowrotki Spectrum FDR

Trabucco Kołowrotki Spectrum FDR
New 2023!
Prices from 97.65 €

Trabucco Virtus XF Feeder & Distance

Trabucco Virtus XF Feeder & Distance
New 2023!
Prices from 124.71 €

Trabucco Kołowrotki Precision XTF

Trabucco Kołowrotki Precision XTF
New 2023!
Prices from 42.35 €

Trabucco Marvel Distance FDR 5500

Trabucco Marvel Distance FDR 5500
New 2023!
Prices from 67.06 €

Daiwa Kołowrotki 23' Matchman

Daiwa Kołowrotki 23' Matchman
New 2024!
Prices from 59.76 €

Dragon MegaBaits Tactix M.F.

Dragon MegaBaits Tactix M.F.
New 2023!
Prices from 30.49 €

Shimano Aero Feeder / Match reels

Shimano Aero Feeder / Match reels
New 2023!
Prices from 103.53 €

Delphin IXCELA

Delphin IXCELA
New 2023!
An unbeatable model among compact reels! Delphin IXCELA has...
Prices from 70.12 €

Delphin IXTREK

Delphin IXTREK
New 2023!
IXTREK is expanding its range of compact reels with a front...
Prices from 58.35 €

Daiwa Tournament Feeder 25 QD reel

Daiwa Tournament Feeder 25 QD reel
New 2023!
Longcast tool with power gear.DAIWA Big Pit reels with 25mm...
Prices from 364.00 €

DAM Quick Impulse 4 OTT

DAM Quick Impulse 4 OTT
New 2023!
If you’re an all-round angler, then constantly changing kit...
Prices from 40.24 €

DAM Quick Impulse 8 Feeder

DAM Quick Impulse 8 Feeder
New 2023!
This high-end feeder reel features the best components avail...
Prices from 49.18 €

Flagman Force Rank Feeder

Flagman Force Rank Feeder
New 2023!
Prices from 20.24 €

Dragon Reels Megabaits Combat Feeder FD

• Body and rotor made of light and durable graphite composit...
Prices from 25.98 €

DAM Quick Reels Impulse 4 Feeder FD

Specifically designed for the art of feeder fishing, this ca...
Prices from 32.24 €

Dragon Reels Megabaits Team Feeder FD

• Body and rotor made of titanium-graphite composite NCRT...
Prices from 98.07 €

Preston Extremity Feeder Reels

Distance feeder fishing has become an incredibly popular sty...
Prices from 96.47 €

DAM Quick Reels Quick 2 Feeder FD

The Quick 2 range just got even better with the addition of...
Prices from 35.53 €

Preston Reels Magnitude

The Magnitude reel range has been developed to cope with the...
Prices from 137.65 €

Preston Inertia reels

The Inertia reels are perfect for the angler that's constrai...
Prices from 70.12 €

Preston Centris NT

The Centris NT reels have been in development for over 2 yea...
Prices from 152.94 €

Daiwa N'Zon LT Reels

The N‘Zon LT from DAIWA is of outstanding quality and has be...
Prices from 86.59 €

Jaxon Stylus SX

Prices from 30.12 €

Daiwa Tournament QD Reels

Ultra-strong match and feeder reel for highest demands. With...
Prices from 338.82 €

Flagman Reels Sherman Pro Feeder

A series of reels dedicated to the feeder. Flagman Sherman P...
Prices from 40.00 €

Flagman Reels Squadron Pro Pellet Feeder

Flagman Squadron Pro Pellet Feeder - a series of powerful an...
Prices from 32.94 €

Flagman Reels Squadron Pro Carp Feeder FD

A series of high power perednefriktsionnyh coils. According...
Prices from 28.24 €

Dragon Mega Baits Method Feeder HS FD800

• 7 stainless steel ball bearings • Infinitive Anti-Reverse...
Prices from 44.99 €

DAM Quick Reels Quick 4 FD METHOD

Reels Quick 4 FD METHOD are new development in the entire Qu...
Prices from 88.71 €

Daiwa N'Zon Reels N‘Zon Plus LT

The new N´Zon Plus reel series also features the LT concept...
Prices from 185.18 €

Daiwa Cast‘izm Feeder 25 QD Reels

Durable long-distance reel Daiwa Cast‘izm Feeder 25 QD. The...
Prices from 213.41 €

Daiwa TDR Distance Feeder 25 QD Reel

This Reels Daiwa TDR Distance Feeder 25 QD is a synonym for...
Prices from 282.35 €

Daiwa TDM QD Reels

Reels Daiwa TDM QD developed for match and feeder fishing. C...
Prices from 136.47 €

Daiwa GS LTD Reels

The Reels Daiwa GS LTD resemble an icone thanks to the combi...
Prices from 98.82 €

Daiwa Ballistic LT Reels

The 17‘ Ballistic LT is based on the new LT concept (Light &...
Prices from 190.59 €

Dragon Reels Mega Baits Stealth L.D.Feeder FD1000

Ultramodern reels for the method and classic feeder, designe...
Prices from 65.88 €

Daiwa Reels TDR Match & Feeder

The TDR Match & Feeder series offers a multitude of technica...
Prices from 188.24 €
The feeder method is a type of ground fishing that requires the use of a rod with a vibrating tip as a tugging signal. Recently, it has won over the hearts of anglers all over the world, and its dynamic development has made feeder fishing very effective and... versatile. Its effectiveness has been proven both when used in a river and in standing water or rich in fish commercial fisheries in the case of the method's lighter version.
Almost all species of fish are caught by feeders - grand breams, valorous carps, big roaches, and many others.
The multitude of species and the very specificity of fishing make the feeder reel quite a unique instrument.
The feeder reel should have a large reel with a capacity tailored to its purpose. If you want to fish at a long distance, it is worth choosing a long cast spool - which is wide, relatively shallow, and cone-shaped.
Bearing in mind the possibility of bycatches, it is worth paying attention to the brake of the reel, which should be precise and strong.
The feeder reels presented in our offer are a selection of high quality designs of renowned manufacturers such as Daiwa, Shimano, Browning, Preston, Flagman, Ryobi, Okuma, Dragon.