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Maros-Mix XXL-Groundbaits

This product line is the fruit of decades of match angling a...
Prices from 3.25 €

Maros-Mix Zanęty Serie Walter Racer Groundbaits

The flagship products of the Serie Walter range of groundbai...
Prices from 2.59 €

Maros-Mix EA Record Groundbaits

In recent years, the Maros Mix portfolio has been extended t...
Prices from 4.42 €

Osmo Innovation Baits Method Mix Pro

Osmo Method Mix Pro - A distinctive feature of our mix is a...
Prices from 6.94 €

Osmo Innovation Baits CsuperL

Osmo CsuperL groundbait is a fluffy and aromatic mix in a go...
Prices from 6.12 €

Massive Baits Stick Mix PVA Method Groundbait

These mixtures are produced, depending on the type, from com...
Prices from 4.00 €

BaitZone Groundbait StickMix

BaitZone’s groundbait is ready to use straight from the tub....
Prices from 8.82 €

Carp Zoom Grass Carp Amur Grundbait

Groundbait with spirulina for grass carp fishing. Pack 1000g...
Prices from 3.81 €


Selected highest quality prepared bait grain. Excellent for...
Prices from 2.54 €
A spontaneous fishing trip or a short trip to a fishery abounding in large carp have their charms. In this case, a properly selected groundbait can determine the success or failure of the angler. Stick mixes, spod mixes and ready-made method mixes are very popular. What are they and how to use them?
Stick mix is an extremely aromatic and intensively working groundbait used for spot baiting using PVA materials. It can be successfully enriched with grains, crushed pellets or balls. When baiting with PVA, avoid water, wet kernels and water-based liquid attractors.
Spod mix is nothing more than a groundbait mix designed to be fed with a groundbait racket. When hitting the water surface with the bait, it creates an attractive groundbait trail. The addition of grains or boiles is highly recommended. A great solution for carp fisheries with high fishing pressure.
Method mix is another variant of carp groundbait, this time used for feeders. It has a high concentration of binding substances, thanks to which we have a guarantee that our set and groundbait will present themselves properly, even at long casts.