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Guideline NOVA Cassette

Guideline NOVA Cassette
New 2024!
The NOVA reel represents the dawn of a new era for our fly r...
Prices from 16.99 €

Guideline NOVA - Stardust

Guideline NOVA - Stardust
New 2024!
The NOVA reel represents the dawn of a new era for our fly r...
Prices from 72.99 €

Guideline NOVA - Black

Guideline NOVA - Black
New 2024!
The NOVA reel represents the dawn of a new era for our fly r...
Prices from 72.99 €

Guideline Fario LW Dk. Grey Green Gold

These reels carry the strong Truss X-construction features f...
Prices from 376.67 €

Guideline Reels Fario Click

Guideline Fario Click is a lightweight and delicate fly reel...
Prices from 305.24 €

Hanak Reels River 46

Prices from 78.81 €

Hardy Fly Reels Zane Carbon

Designed for the flats angler, the Zane Carbon is a lightwei...
Prices from 642.86 €

Greys Reels Tail Fly Reel

A new standard in Di-cast reel design, the latest addition t...
Prices from 133.81 €

Hardy Fly Reels Ultradisc Cassette

Hardy set new standards in 2008 with the introduction of the...
Prices from 392.86 €

Greys Fly Reels Tital

Greys all new flagship fly reel is fully constructed in bar...
Prices from 261.90 €

Greys Fly Reels Fin Cassette

Greys has led the revolution in cassette fly reels. The FIN...
Prices from 102.38 €

Greys Fly Reels Fin

The FIN reels are the first range in the entirely new Greys...
Prices from 96.67 €

Guideline Fly Reels Halo Black Stealth

Guideline Halo fly reels in color Black Stealth has class le...
Prices from 132.38 €

Hanak Fly Reels Streamer 67

Ultra-light large-arbor reel for streamer and stillwater fis...
Prices from 128.57 €

Hanak Fly Reels Lake Pro 78

Modern lightweight large arbor reel designed for still-water...
Prices from 195.00 €

Hanak Fly Reels Czech Nymph X

Improved brown model of our favourite Superb XP reel fits th...
Prices from 184.29 €

Guideline Fly Reels Fario LW Bronze

The first ever Guideline Fly Reel to be designed exlusively...
Prices from 376.67 €

Hanak Fly Reels Lake

Metal reel with three plastic spools and quality drag.
Prices from 79.76 €

Guideline Fly Reels Vosso Glossy Slate Black

Vosso are the most exclusive fly reels series in our range....
Prices from 539.29 €

Hardy Reels Ultralite MTX-S

A bold step forward in reel design, the Hardy® Ultralite MTX...
Prices from 523.81 €

Hanak Fly Reels Wave

Metal reel with quality drag and ball-bearing for smooth fun...
Prices from 46.90 €

Hanak Fly Reels Stream II

Upgraded lightweight version of popular reel with extra sens...
Prices from 68.81 €

Guideline Halo

In it's price range HALO has class leading qualities in all...
Prices from 132.38 €

Guideline Fly Reels Fario LW Anthracite

The first ever Guideline Fly Reel to be designed exlusively...
Prices from 376.67 €

Guideline Fly Reels FAVO

These High Tech fly reels are inspired by the designelements...
Prices from 76.67 €

Jaxon Fly Reels Trada Master

JAXON TRADA MASTER Openwork designed fly reel made from gra...
Prices from 15.48 €

Jaxon Fly Reels Itaka Fly

JAXON ITAKA FLY Attractive fly reel made from duralumin. Qu...
Prices from 28.81 €

Jaxon Fly Reels Black Shadow Fly

JAXON BLACK SHADOW FLY Fly reels for every professional fly...
Prices from 42.86 €

Ryobi Fly Reels FRB

Modern fly fishing reel Ryobi FRB, made from one piece of ul...
Prices from 48.33 €

Ryobi Fly Reels Adventure

Modern fly fishing reel equipped with extra ladder for drag....
Prices from 46.43 €

Dragon Fly Reels Team Dragon FX

First fly reel from Dragon. Represents high technical standa...
Prices from 27.86 €

Jaxon Fly Reels Monolith FLY

MONOLITH FLY XT fly reel has been introduced after the succe...
Prices from 73.81 €
The history of fishing reels goes back to the 4th century AD, however, this invention does not appear in historical sources until the 15th century. Suffice it to say that the design patented by Charls F. Orvis in 1874 is considered to be one of the prototypes of the modern fly reel! Fly fishing is constantly changing, evolving with us. The evolution did not spare fly reels - many modern designs have been equipped with a multi-disc drag, which has been additionally sealed. Thanks to such solutions, we can enjoy the charms of fly fishing even in the most difficult conditions.
Fly fishing reels are divided according to the size, i.e. the capacity of the fly line with the backing, which is reflected in the AFTM class.

A small number, e.g. # 4, means a small fly reel for light fishing, e.g. with dry fly or nymphs, while the AFTM # 8 class means stronger and larger models for fishing e.g. pike. Of course, there are both smaller and larger models for super light fishing, as well as super strong sea fishing or large and capacious salmon models.