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Owner Iseama-BL

Prices from 2.29 €

Owner Picket Hook

Owner Picket Hook
New 2024!
Prices from 2.29 €

Owner Hooks 50188

Carp Hooks 50188 The best known most popular Owner pattern...
Prices from 2.29 €

Owner 50330 OC GURE

Owner 50330 OC GURE
New 2024!
Prices from 2.29 €

Gamakatsu Hooks A1 Team Feeder Fine Feeder

The FINE FEEDER is a great hook when fish only nibble the ba...
Prices from 4.05 €

Drennan Hooks Carbon Match

Carbon Match hooks are a micro barbed pattern, for rivers, c...
Prices from 2.26 €

Gamakatsu Hooks G1-Competition G1-105

Feeder hook with wide bend and slightly inturned hook point....
Prices from 4.00 €

Gamakatsu Hooks G1-Competition G1-103

The most powerful competition hook
Prices from 4.48 €

Gamakatsu Hooks G1-Competition G1-102

With special bend for fast and secure hook penetration.
Prices from 3.76 €

Gamakatsu Hooks G1-Competition G1-101

Perfect, strong offset hook with a wide hook bend.
Prices from 4.05 €

GURU Guru Match Wide Gape Hooks

This is an awesome, strong all-round pattern that’s suitable...
Prices from 1.82 €

GURU F1 Maggot Barbless Hooks

The new F1 Maggot hook is now in tackle shops and is the per...
Prices from 2.91 €

Gamakatsu Hooks LS-5213 N

Long shank with double-barb to hold the bait better and to k...
Prices from 3.76 €

Owner Hooks Match Sproat HO-56536

Hooks made from very thin and super strong material TAFF WIR...
Prices from 2.05 €

GURU Pellet Waggler Hook

The Pellet Waggler hook has been designed with float hair ri...
Prices from 1.90 €

Jaxon Tier to hooks

Prices from 2.10 €

Jaxon Sharpeners for hook Jaxon

We are taking care of small details like sharpeness of hooks...
Prices from 6.90 €

Stonfo Hook tyer

Device with soft touch handle for tying fishing hook to the...
Prices from 8.93 €

Mustad Hooks Ultra Point 60005NP-RB Match & Feeder

Wide Gap Carp Power
Prices from 0.60 €
It often happens that a detail decides about success or failure - seemingly trivial and irrelevant. Such a small, but extremely important element of the float, bomb or feeder set is the hook, which is largely responsible for both the presentation of the bait, but also the effectiveness of the hook or a successful catch. The contemporary offer of fishing hooks is so wide that everyone will find something for themselves. Our offer includes both traditional barbered hooks as well as more and more popular barbless hooks.
Recognized brands such as: Mustad, Gamakatsu, Owner, Drennan, Maver, VMC.