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Seaguar Seaguar Grandmax FX Fluorocarbon

The Seaguar Grandmax FX Fluorocarbon is ideal for creating a...
Prices from 19.29 €

Seaguar Seaguar Grandmax Shock Leader Fluorocarbon

Seaguar Grand Max Shock Leader is the highest quality fluoro...
Prices from 13.10 €

Prologic Density Snag & Shock Leader

Incredibly strong, unbelievably supple and soft to the touch...
Prices from 7.86 €

Prologic Mimicry Green Helo Leader

New Mimicry pattern with three shades of green, perfectly to...
Prices from 9.76 €
Fluorocarbon, i.e. polyvinylidene fluoride, a fluorine polymer with a high degree of crystallization. From the fishing point of view, its most important features are weight, stiffness and light penetration. Thanks to this, fluorocarbon sinks better than nylon fishing line, and its angle of refraction of sunlight is similar to that of water, and thus - it is invisible to fish.
Fluorocarbon lines are used in most fishing methods, including carp fishing. It works perfectly as leader material, which is the basis of many rigs, such as a stiff rig.