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Saltwater fishing reels
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Daiwa 23' Saltiga *

Daiwa 23' Saltiga *
New 2024!
The small Saltiga reels offer huge power and top-level Japan...
Prices from 943.06 €

Daiwa 21 Freams LT *

The Freams LT combines exclusive Japanese technologies with...
Prices from 109.18 €

Penn Wrath II Spinning Reel

Penn Wrath II Spinning Reel
New 2024!
Prices from 57.65 €

Penn Spinfisher VII Spinning Reel

Penn Spinfisher VII Spinning Reel
New 2024!
Prices from 112.94 €

Daiwa 23‘ Exceler LT

Daiwa 23‘ Exceler LT
New 2024!
23' Exceler LT – The next Generation – with Airdrive design!...
Prices from 81.23 €

Daiwa 23‘ Fuego

Daiwa 23‘ Fuego
New 2024!
With Aidrive Design – increased strength and sensitivity!...
Prices from 93.77 €

Daiwa 23‘ Airity LT *

Daiwa 23‘ Airity LT *
New 2024!
The most lightweight reel by DAIWA – with Airdrive design!...
Prices from 577.65 €

Penn Spinfisher VII Long Cast

"The PENN®® Spinfisher® VII Long Cast features IPX5 sealing...
Prices from 216.71 €

Penn Authority Spinning reels

The PENN Authority is the new PENN standard. Focusing on bes...
Prices from 334.12 €

Penn Fierce IV Spinning

Saltwater anglers choose the PENN® Fierce™ IV spinning reels...
Prices from 70.82 €

Okuma Azores XP

Prices from 98.82 €

Penn Wrath

The Penn Wrath reels are built around legendary Penn durabil...
Prices from 41.18 €

Penn Pursuit IV Reels

The PENN Pursuit IV features a durable construction and the...
Prices from 62.12 €

Penn Slammer 4 Reels

The Slammer IV is packed with more features than ever before...
Prices from 209.65 €

Savage Gear SGS6 FD

When fishing in saltwater environments, there’s plenty to th...
Prices from 87.06 €

Savage Gear Reels SGS8 FD

Tough saltwater fishing environments demand tough fishing ta...
Prices from 124.00 €

Shimano Twin Power XD

• Increased strength HAGANE Gear to overcome the most extrem...
Prices from 498.82 €

Daiwa Reels 21 Certate SW

The Big Fish Reel for extreme conditions! With the new Certa...
Prices from 550.59 €

Dragon Reels Sea Master FD

• 6 stainless steel ball bearings • Stainless steel Infini...
Prices from 68.49 €

Shimano Vanford Reels

Vanford is the new ‘entry-level’ Magnumlite Series reel desi...
Prices from 228.24 €

Shimano Twin Power FD Reels

• HAGANE Gear and Body plus X-SHIP for efficient, reliable p...
Prices from 435.29 €

Okuma Reels ITX

Ultimate version of the TCA Epixor featuring C40X real carbo...
Prices from 68.24 €

Okuma Safina SN

Safina SN spinning reels have been developed to fulfil the p...
Prices from 18.12 €

Penn Reels Clash II

The PENN Clash II is the ultimate inshore reel. Featuring ou...
Prices from 176.47 €

Penn Battle III Reels

The PENN® Battle® III is now stronger, smoother, and more du...
Prices from 75.29 €

Okuma Reels Safina Pro SNP

Safina Pro and Safina spinning reels have been developed to...
Prices from 65.88 €

Ryobi Reels Verum

- body, side plate - graphite - rotor - NCRT titanium-carbo...
Prices from 63.59 €

Dragon Reels Sea Fighter H.D.

• 5 ball bearings made of stainless steel • Infinitive Anti...
Prices from 61.74 €

Shimano Stradic FL Reels

The STRADIC is already a well known and highly appreciated s...
Prices from 201.41 €

Daiwa Certate LT Reels

The ultimate tool with Monocoque body. Reel Daiwa Certate LT...
Prices from 411.76 €

Penn Spinfisher VI Live Liner Spinning Reels

The PENN Spinfisher VI features IPX5 sealing so whether it g...
Prices from 157.65 €

Penn Reels Spinfisher VI Long Cast Spinning

The PENN Spinfisher VI reels features IPX5 sealing so whethe...
Prices from 177.65 €

Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reels

The PENN Spinfisher VI features IPX5 sealing so whether it g...
Prices from 122.35 €

Daiwa Ballistic LT Reels

The 17‘ Ballistic LT is based on the new LT concept (Light &...
Prices from 205.10 €

Penn Conflict 2 Reels

The PENN Conflict II features stealthy cosmetics, a Lightwei...
Prices from 180.94 €

Ryobi Reels Safari

- body, cover and rotor - aluminum - CNC machined, stainles...
Prices from 201.47 €

Ryobi Reels Turbo

A niche reel that constitutes a perfect example of Ryobi’s p...
Prices from 398.35 €

Abu Garcia Reels Revo Inshore Spin

Hard fighting inshore species have met their match. The Revo...
Prices from 148.24 €

Dragon Reels Corsar FD

Powerful and durable reels with spool capacity enough for st...
Prices from 31.06 €

Daiwa BG Reels

The new DAIWA BG reels combine highest strainability and ret...
Prices from 120.59 €
Long-lasting exposure to moisture, contact with seawater, heavy loads, strenuous hauls “these are just some of the conditions in which a saltwater reel should remain durable and reliable. And let's add that it is quite possible that we will encounter the fish of a lifetime“ a mighty halibut, magnificent cod, saithes or the more exotic predators. A compromise is out of the question here, saltwater reels must be robust and reliable, and this makes choosing them a matter of great importance.
The sea fishing reel combines the finesse of a spinning reel with the power of a real big-game reel.
Usually, these are large machines made of seawater-resistant materials. They are most often equipped with powerful gears with high speed, which is meant to facilitate quick retrieval of the set from a considerable depth. Everything is complemented by a precise, reliable and powerful brake.
That is why our range of sea reels comprises durable designs that suit all techniques used when fishing at sea. Saltwater spinning reels are also available.