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Daiwa Rods Compass Mobile Telepole

Carbon fiber pole with very short closed length. A closed le...
Prices from 56.46 €

DAM Rods Sensomax Tele Poles

The Sensomax Tele Poles are constructed with a composite car...
Prices from 19.05 €

DAM Rods TACT-X Tele Poles

The TACT-X Tele Poles are made of pure carbon material, resu...
Prices from 21.90 €

DAM Rods Base-X Tele Pole

The Base-X Tele Poles offer unmatched value for money fibreg...
Prices from 7.62 €

Jaxon Rods Eclatis Eco Pole

Carbon, telescopic pole rods without guides for sophisticate...
Prices from 26.90 €

Jaxon Rods Eclatis Tessa Pole

Carbon telescopic rods Jaxon Eclatis Tessa Pole without guid...
Prices from 50.48 €

Jaxon Rods Green Point Pro Pole

Rods Jaxon Green Point Pro Pole is a special offer for speci...
Prices from 91.90 €

Jaxon Rods Green Point Limited Pole

Rods Jaxon Green Point Limited Pole is a special offer for s...
Prices from 192.62 €

Daiwa Legalis Telepole Rods

Lightweight with fast action. These lightweight and well-pro...
Prices from 57.27 €

Dragon Rods Mega Baits Mystery Pole

Pole rods designed for catching smaller and medium-sized fis...
Prices from 37.71 €

Jaxon Rods Intensa GTX Tele Pole Beta

Float whips with the characteristic spiral braid on particul...
Prices from 52.38 €

DAM Fighter Pro Combo T-Pole

• Including pole float, line and hook • Ready to fish • Co...
Prices from 12.14 €

Jaxon Zaffira Pole TX

TELE POLE TX Whip models with addition of carbon fibers. Low...
Prices from 20.48 €

DAM Rods Composite Carbon Tele Pole

Telescopic poles made out of a mixture of fiberglass and car...
Prices from 29.05 €

DAM Rods Real Carbon Tele Pole

Telescopic poles with a similar appearance as our Composite...
Prices from 29.05 €

Jaxon Rods XT-PRO Limited Edition Pole

XT-PRO Limited Edition Pole Highest quality range. Spinni...
Prices from 154.76 €

Jaxon Rods Float Academy Tele Pole GTX & GTM

TELE POLE GTX Good balanced whip series. Reinforced blank wi...
Prices from 37.38 €
Poles are very simple telescopic rods without guides. They are used for coarse fishing with a float. Fishing whips are extremely light despite their considerable length, perfectly balanced, they enable precise fishing at close range. Especially recommended for beginner anglers, as well as for the youngest adepts of the art of fishing. The greatest advantage of the whip over the ordinary float rig is the speed of handling and the delicacy of the rig.
Used for whips, full sets are simple enough to allow you to focus on the essentials of float fishing, yet effective enough that they are often used in angling competitions.
Whip rods are especially effective in situations where other methods fail and you need to focus on catching slightly smaller fish at speed.
Competitors appreciate the possibility of fast fishing for small fish, shorter whips, the so-called bleak fishing allows a skilled angler to catch several hundred bleak in a 3-hour round.

Pole rods - what length to choose?

For the recreational fisherman who likes to fish with a float, a length of about 6 meters will be the best choice. Of course, everything depends on the fishery and its depth, sometimes a 5-meter whip is enough, and sometimes you need a little more, such as 7 meters. However, the 6-meter fishing whip is the most popular and universal. The great advantage of the whips is the possibility of shortening the lower element, so buying a longer stick you get more possibilities. You just have to be careful with the lower part so as not to damage it, it's best to prepare a cork to block it in advance (the original one will not fit, because it has a larger diameter).
A whip for a child is a great start to fishing and great fun with lots of fish, thanks to which the child will not be discouraged. For the smallest ones, it is worth buying something around 4 meters, this length will weigh about 200 grams (or less if it is not the cheapest rod).
Competition fishing is another topic, here the specialists have a wide range of lengths in their equipment. It is worth writing here that a great experience and learning is to go to such competitions and watch how they do it.