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Daiwa Ninja X Carp

Daiwa Ninja X Carp
New 2023!
The three-sectioned Ninja X carp rods convince by their appe...
Prices from 98.12 €

Dragon MegaBaits Stealth Carp

Dragon MegaBaits Stealth Carp
New 2023!
Prices from 80.00 €

Daiwa Black Widow XT Tele Carp

Daiwa Black Widow XT Tele Carp
New 2023!
The telescopic version of the successful Black Widow XT Carp...
Prices from 64.71 €

Daiwa Black Widow XT Bait

Daiwa Black Widow XT Bait
New 2023!
With the Black Widow XT Bait DAIWA offers universally applic...
Prices from 56.00 €

Prologic C-Series Com-Pact SC

Prologic C-Series Com-Pact SC
New 2023!
Offering the same fantastic performance levels as our C-Seri...
Prices from 54.82 €

Prologic C-Series Spod & Marker SC

Prologic C-Series Spod & Marker SC
New 2023!
Offering the same fantastic performance levels as our C-Seri...
Prices from 86.82 €

Prologic C-Series SC rods

Prologic C-Series SC rods
New 2023!
Offering the same fantastic performance levels as our C-Seri...
Prices from 64.24 €

DAM Rods Iconic Carp

The most amazing thing about the DAM Iconic Carp rod range i...
Prices from 28.24 €

Prologic C-Series Com-Pact Rods

Constructed using the same high modulus carbon fibre as the...
Prices from 45.65 €

Prologic Rods C2 Element Com-Pact

Our hugely popular Element carp rod range just got even more...
Prices from 94.12 €

Daiwa Black Widow XT Carp rods

Black Widow XT carp rods – the price-performance champion wi...
Prices from 51.29 €

Prologic C1 Avenger Old Skool

When modern life and ‘old skool’ collide! These great new ad...
Prices from 84.94 €

DAM Carp Rods Base-X Carp

The Base-X Carp is the perfect carp rod for beginners and ca...
Prices from 29.41 €

DAM Rods XT1 Tele

The two XT1 Tele models also come with the same slim and pow...
Prices from 64.71 €

DAM Rods XT1

Although it might sound like a familiar marketing cliché, th...
Prices from 47.53 €

Prologic Carp Rods C-Series Lotus AB

C-series Lotus - Included within the C-Series range are our...
Prices from 50.12 €

Prologic Carp Rods C1 Avenger

• Super Slim High Modular Carbon Blank • 50mm SIC performan...
Prices from 64.71 €

Prologic Carp Rods C2 Element Spod & Marker AB

A great addition to our new C2 Element Carp rod range. The n...
Prices from 119.06 €

Prologic Carp Rods C3 Fulcrum Fast Water AB

The long awaited C3 Fulcrum has finally arrived. This is the...
Prices from 141.41 €

Prologic Carp Rods C3 Fulcrum FS

The long awaited C3 Fulcrum has finally arrived. This is the...
Prices from 141.41 €

Daiwa Emblem Stalker Carp Rods

At the Emblem carp series, modern technology of rod construc...
Prices from 136.71 €

Daiwa Crosscast Extension Carp Rods

The extendable version of the Crosscast series is equipped w...
Prices from 109.65 €

Jaxon Rods Green Point Carp Supra

CARP SUPRA 2- AND 3-PIECE When designing these rods, we pai...
Prices from 74.35 €

Prologic C-Series Spod & Marker Rod

C-Series Spod & Marker Completing the C-Series range is the...
Prices from 66.82 €

Prologic C-Series AB carp rods

The New C-Series has been built to offer fantastic performan...
Prices from 36.47 €

Daiwa Black Widow Extension Carp Rods

The new extendable version of the Black Widow carp rod serie...
Prices from 58.59 €

Jaxon Rods Carp Academy L

Number 1 item in the Carp Academy series. Slim, well-balance...
Prices from 68.71 €

Daiwa Ninja X Tele Carp Rods

The lightweight Ninja X tele carp rods feature premium compo...
Prices from 50.82 €

Daiwa Rods Crosscast Tele Carp

The telescopic models of the successful Crosscast carp rods...
Prices from 83.29 €

Daiwa Ninja X Carp Rods

The slim and lightweight Ninja X carp rods with HMC+ carbon...
Prices from 67.06 €

Prologic Rods C2 Elements

Showing its true pedigree, being created in the same stable...
Prices from 100.47 €

Dragon Rods Mega Baits Tactix Carp

3.Carp - a wide offer of, coming back into the angler's favo...
Prices from 64.00 €

Jaxon Rods Intensa GTX Carp Max

Carp fishing rod collection made with demanding anglers in m...
Prices from 48.47 €

Mivardi Rods Nuclear Carp 3-sec

Totally new series of two section and three section carp rod...
Prices from 80.94 €

Mivardi Rods Nuclear Carp 2-sec

Totally new series of two section and three section carp rod...
Prices from 74.12 €
Richard "Dick" Walker is a fishing legend, not only carp fishing. As one of the first anglers, he introduced scientific thought to this beautiful hobby. He is considered to be the constructor of the first carp rod - The Walker Wizard Mk. I, which he constructed in 1947.
Although it was a reworked and appropriately shortened (by approx. 30 cm) version of Wallis Wizard 11ft, it was the starting point for the evolution of a carp rod. The consecutive projects of the ingenious Brit attracted more and more attention. He confirmed his competence on September 13, 1952, when he caught the famous Clarise, a carp weighing 20 kg in Redmire Pool, breaking the record for Great Britain by almost 6 kg (12.6 lbs)! For those times - one has to admit - he set the bar very high, because his record was not broken for the next 28 years!
Traditional fishing rods were replaced by carp rods made of glass fibers, and these had to give way to carbon fiber carp rods that had been helped by none other than Dick Walker. At the moment, carp fishing rod is a very broad concept, as it includes, among others, fishing rods for baiting the so-called Pod-rody, a wide range of carp rods, both two and three parts, with a different deflection curve and length.
Carp rods Unlike classic ground rods or float rods, which are described by casting weight, carp rods are described by a deflection curve or a test curve expressed in pounds. This is the most accurate way to describe the action and power of a rod. In Great Britain since the 1950s.
What is a test curve? This is nothing but the weight required to produce a 90 degree deflection. And this way we know that the rod described as 2lbs will achieve such deflection after loading it with a weight of 0.9 kg. Due to the British pedigree of carp rods, very often their length is also expressed in feet.