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Fluorocarbon lines
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Daiwa J-Fluorocarbon Leader Line

The new J-Fluorocarbon from DAIWA! Thanks to a sophisticated...
Prices from 11.65 €

Seaguar Seaguar Grandmax FX Fluorocarbon

The Seaguar Grandmax FX Fluorocarbon is ideal for creating a...
Prices from 19.06 €

Hanak Competition Fluorocarbon

Proven top Japanese quality. Hanak Fluorocarbon is transpare...
Prices from 11.18 €


This product covers the disadvantage of the standard fluoroc...
Prices from 9.53 €

Owner Fluorocarbon

Series of high end sinking fluorocarbon lines. Thanks to spe...
Prices from 6.59 €

Dragon Invisible Fluorocarbon

Highest quality 100% flurocarbon line, manufactured in Japan...
Prices from 4.82 €

Gamakatsu G-Line Fluoro Carbon

Designed for line shy fish such as trout, carp and seabass,...
Prices from 6.12 €
Fluorocarbon lines for fly leaders are a material that until recently raised a lot of controversy, currently used in many types of fly fishing, from dry fly, through nymph, and ending with streamer. What is a fluorocarbon monofilament? It is a line made of a variety of carbon fiber and the only thing that connects it with a traditional monofilament is ... application. The most important advantage of fluorocarbon is the fact that it has the same angle of refraction of sunlight as water, and thus - it is completely invisible to fish. It has an increased (compared to mono) resistance to mechanical damage, although it has a slightly lower knot strength. The material itself is heavier than nylon and therefore sinks much better.
Thanks to its invisibility in the water, it allows you to outsmart even cautious fish, such as for example grayling.
Small diameters will be useful for grayling or trout rigs, and the strongest ones will be perfect as a material for pike or salmon leaders.