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Surf casting reels
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Okuma Flite Surf

In Okuma Flite Surf reels, lightweight construction and huge...
Prices from 183.53 €

Okuma Surf 8K

• Multi disc oiled felt drag system • 5+1 stainless steel b...
Prices from 96.47 €

Penn Rival Longcast Blue

The PENN Rival Blue was engineered to be a versatile all-rou...
Prices from 112.71 €

Penn Tidal Long Cast

Penn Tidal Long Cast
New 2024!
For those who rise early and retire late, chasing the stalke...
Prices from 169.65 €

Penn Tidal XT Long Cast

Penn Tidal XT Long Cast
New 2024!
For those who rise early and retire late, chasing the stalke...
Prices from 226.12 €

Shimano Power Aero XSC 14000

The Power Aero XSC certainly lives up to its name. Packed wi...
Prices from 478.82 €

Shimano Speedmaster XTC reel

The new Speedmaster 14000 XTC/XSC reel is the new version of...
Prices from 165.88 €

Jaxon Betaforcer BX

Prices from 65.88 €

Penn Rival Longcast Surf Pack

The PENN Rival Blue Surf Pack was engineered to especially f...
Prices from 165.18 €

Shimano Ultegra XSE reels

Feature-packed with extreme versatility and durability for t...
Prices from 185.88 €

Penn Affinity III Spod Longcast Reels

The PENN Affinity III Spod is a fantastic longcast reel that...
Prices from 154.12 €

Penn Reels Rival Longcast Black

The PENN Rival Black was engineered to be a versatile all-ro...
Prices from 97.18 €

Penn Battle 3 Longcast Reels

The PENN Battle III Longcast is now stronger, smoother and m...
Prices from 169.41 €

Penn Affinity III Longcast reels

The PENN Affinity III is a fantastic longcast reel equipped...
Prices from 185.88 €

Penn Surfblaster 3 Longcast Reels

The PENN Surfblaster III is a fantastic longcast reel equipp...
Prices from 157.41 €

Penn Rival Longcast Gold Reels

The PENN Rival Gold was engineered to be a versatile all-rou...
Prices from 97.18 €

Daiwa Crosscast Surf 45 SCW QD Reels

Big Pit reel with ultra-long 45mm spool stroke for surfcasti...
Prices from 118.35 €

Okuma Reels Rockaway

Okuma has become a staple in many an anglers arsenal with th...
Prices from 49.41 €

Daiwa Reels Emblem Surf 35 SCW QD

The Emblem reels from DAIWA are very popular among surfcaste...
Prices from 136.22 €

Penn Conflict II LongCast Reels

The PENN Conflict II features stealthy cosmetics, a Lightwei...
Prices from 231.06 €

Penn Reels Spinfisher VI Long Cast Spinning

The PENN Spinfisher VI reels features IPX5 sealing so whethe...
Prices from 177.65 €

Dragon Surf Master FD Reel

First surfcasting reel from Dragon – top quality one for the...
Prices from 112.71 €

Ryobi Reels Proskyer Surf

- body, side plate and rotor - high density graphite composi...
Prices from 92.71 €

Ryobi Reels Ecusima Surf FD

Graphite reel (rotor and body), known primarily from enormou...
Prices from 55.08 €

Jaxon Atlantic Surf

A large, solid reel for the heavier ground methods, especial...
Prices from 32.47 €
Surfcasting is a method that has recently been growing in popularity. It is not surprising, as well as it allows for effective fishing of large and very strong fish, which occur in coastal zones of seas and oceans. More than half a metre breams, strong flounders or brave zanders are at your fingertips! Well, maybe a little further, since such fishing is very often associated with the need to throw the lure at an extremely far distance. Here, modern surfcasting kits come to the rescue, with surfcasting reels as an integral part. They are large structures equipped - modelled on match reels - with very shallow, wide, conical spools designed specifically for a long-distance cast. Unlike the aforementioned match reels, the surfcasting fishing reels are designed for use in an extremely unfavourable environment, in very difficult conditions - they're not afraid of unrelenting seawater and heavy overloading.
We present a wide range of surfcasting reels from renowned companies, in which everyone will find something for themselves.