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Sea fishing hooks
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Savage Gear Bloody Assist Hook SJ

These super strong and lightweight double hooks are designed...
Prices from 6.50 €

Savage Gear Bloody Assist Hook J

Our new Bloody assist hook range contains some serious tools...
Prices from 6.50 €

Savage Gear Micro Assist Hooks

Our micro assist hook range is specially designed to fit per...
Prices from 10.48 €

Savage Gear Rattle Jig Head

Stand-up jig heads with a built-in stainless steel rattle, w...
Prices from 5.24 €

Partridge of Redditch Fly Hooks Z60LT-P Bad Boy Predator

Modified O`Shaughnessy bend, forged for added strength - The...
Prices from 5.71 €

Gamakatsu Hooks LS-5213 N

Long shank with double-barb to hold the bait better and to k...
Prices from 3.76 €

Jaxon Sharpeners for hook Jaxon

We are taking care of small details like sharpeness of hooks...
Prices from 6.90 €

FMFly Fly Hooks 307 Offshore hook

Offshore hook. Straight eye, Heavy wire, Long Shank, Forget...
Prices from 0.95 €

FMFly Hooks 302S - Salt

FMFly 302S fly hooks are a very strong model designed for ty...
Prices from 2.43 €

Partridge of Redditch Fly Hooks CS54 Saltwater Shrimp

Partridge CS54 Saltwater Shrimp. Special hook specifically d...
Prices from 6.07 €

Gamakatsu Hook Gamakatsu LS-5314

Sea hook for reinforcement wszystkch patents used when fishi...
Prices from 3.19 €
Sea fishing hooks are small but extremely important elements of fishing sets.
In the case of sea fishing, not only the right selection of the size, but also the shape of the hook plays an important role - it has a huge impact on the operation of the lure and the effectiveness of the hook, and thus - the effectiveness of our fishing.
Sea hooks are very strong, because most models are forged and made of appropriate steel that will resist salty water.
The offer includes hooks of various types, shapes, sizes and colors, dedicated to all popular techniques used at sea.
Among the offered products, it is worth paying attention to the offer of Gamakatsu, Owner, Mustad, Dragon, VMC, Decoy.