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Marker Floats and Spods

Delphin PointMarker

PointMarker is an invaluable tool in checking the bottom bef...
Prices from 10.12 €

Delphin Feeding rocket Zenit

The rocket is designed for simple and faultless feeding of d...
Prices from 6.94 €

Spomb Midi X Spomb

- Tried and trusted bait delivery devise that releases bait...
Prices from 18.35 €

FOX Exocet Marker Float

The ultimate marker float that has been designed for casting...
Prices from 8.35 €

Jaxon Marker AC-4048

Designed to mark fishing area, recommended for carp fishing....
Prices from 2.82 €

Mivardi H-Marker

A high quality H-marker in a signal orange colour. Supplied...
Prices from 8.59 €

Korda Mini Skyliner

Now, with spodding part of everyone`s armoury, Korda has bee...
Prices from 9.18 €

Jaxon Rocket feeder

Rocket feeder.
Prices from 3.72 €

Prologic Marker Kit

All you need for an accurate scan of your swim: high buoyanc...
Prices from 9.18 €

FOX Impact Spod

Having looked at the bait delivery devices currently availab...
Prices from 17.88 €

Jaxon Markers

Marker Signal Buoy For marking the place of driven out carp...
Prices from 35.29 €
The right baiting strategy is one of the most important elements of carp fishing. It is not easy to skillfully place the groundbait mixture in the feeding area of the fish, and we cannot transport it everywhere in a pontoon or a remote-controlled model. This is why spod bombs are becoming so popular. Our offer includes carp markers for probing and marking the fishery and a large selection of spod bombs, which will be perfect for pre-baiting with boiles, grains or pellets.