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Jaxon Orion XT

Jaxon Orion XT
New 2024!
Prices from 21.43 €

Dragon Viper RD

Multi-choice series of advanced reels. Equipped with all-new...
Prices from 34.76 €

Delphin IXCELA

An unbeatable model among compact reels! Delphin IXCELA has...
Prices from 70.95 €

Delphin IXTREK

IXTREK is expanding its range of compact reels with a front...
Prices from 59.05 €

Jaxon Regis RT

Prices from 22.38 €

Delphin Antigravity

The Delphin ANTIGRAVITY is an ultra light reel that will sat...
Prices from 95.00 €

DAM Quick Impulse 4 OTT

If you’re an all-round angler, then constantly changing kit...
Prices from 40.71 €

DAM Quick Impulse 3L

A high-performance reel with great specifications that won’t...
Prices from 21.19 €

DAM Quick Impulse 4QF

When match fishing, you need kit you can rely on to stay ahe...
Prices from 32.62 €

Dragon Reels MegaBaits Mystery FD800

Reels designed for all float and ground methods, equipped wi...
Prices from 16.67 €

Jaxon Reels Zephyr XT

Prices from 18.10 €

Jaxon Reels Kreon KX

Prices from 27.86 €

Preston Magnitude Reels

The Magnitude reel range has been developed to cope with the...
Prices from 133.29 €

Preston Inertia reels

The Inertia reels are perfect for the angler that's constrai...
Prices from 63.86 €

Jaxon Reels Tramp TT

Prices from 13.57 €

Jaxon Reels Tramp TM

Prices from 10.95 €

Jaxon Reels Tramp TS

Prices from 9.52 €

Jaxon Reels Claris CX

Prices from 17.62 €

Jaxon Reels Claris CT

Prices from 15.00 €

Jaxon Stylus SX

Prices from 30.48 €

Dragon Reels MegaBaits Mystery FD500

Reels designed for all float and ground methods, equipped wi...
Prices from 14.29 €

Dragon Reels Destiny RD

The series of specialistic reels with high technical standar...
Prices from 10.71 €

Jaxon Reels Rondon

Prices from 16.43 €

DAM Quick Reels Quick 1 RD

A new complete series of reels containing 5 sizes rear drag...
Prices from 17.62 €

DAM Quick Reels Quick 1 FD

A new complete series of reels containing 5 sizes rear drag...
Prices from 25.00 €

Dragon Reels Millenium HD FD

Series of modern, designed in SLIM BODY construction. Made i...
Prices from 30.48 €

Okuma Jaw reels

• Corrosion-resistant graphite body • CFR : Cyclonic Flow R...
Prices from 32.14 €

Daiwa Ninja LT reels

The new Ninja LT is the sequel of the legendary Ninja A. The...
Prices from 44.05 €

Okuma Reels Azaki

• Corrosion-resistant graphite body • CFR : Cyclonic Flow R...
Prices from 14.29 €

Jaxon Lotus LTI

Our another reel addressed to recreational fishing. Interest...
Prices from 13.10 €

Jaxon Reels Harmony HTX

Unconventional spinning reel, presenting a high standard of...
Prices from 37.62 €

Abu Garcia Elite Max Reels

The Elite Max series of spinning reels exemplifies sleek ree...
Prices from 64.29 €

Penn Conflict 2 Reels

The PENN Conflict II features stealthy cosmetics, a Lightwei...
Prices from 183.10 €

Ryobi Reels Maturity

■ body, cover and rotor - aluminium alloy ■ very light and...
Prices from 55.71 €

Ryobi Reels Xenos

- body and rotor - graphite composite - side plate - alumin...
Prices from 48.81 €

Ryobi Virtus reels

- body, side plate and rotor - graphite composite - CNC mac...
Prices from 41.43 €

Daiwa Sweepfire EC Reels

The new Sweepfire combines Japanese know-how with an outstan...
Prices from 20.44 €

Ryobi Reels Tresor

A construction derives directly from the valued Zauber model...
Prices from 35.00 €

Jaxon Reels Piano

Wide range of popular rear drag reels. 3 versions available:...
Prices from 9.52 €

Ryobi Krieger reels

- body, cover and rotor - light, high density graphite compo...
Prices from 87.38 €
The multitude of types of float fishing can make you dizzy. And each of these varieties is beautiful and worth attention. Unfortunately, they require slightly different sets, but for recreational fishing we are not forced to buy several types of a float reel. Here you can compromise and get some versatility. In this section we present float reels and universal reels that will be perfect for most float rigs - from match, through a light telescopic rod, to Bolognese.
Float reels are lightweight and at the same time have a durable construction characterized by a smooth brake, they also have adequate power both for use in the river and on the lake.