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Materials - foams and rubbers
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K Niemy Beetle Foams

Profiled Beetle Foams for tying dry fly beetle imitations. N...
Prices from 1.76 €

Hemingway's Bug Flesh

At Hemingway’s we don’t just make promises of brand new, awe...
Prices from 1.96 €

Hareline Dubbin Thin Fly Foam

Dimensions: about 11,5 x 7,5 cm. In packages two sheets.
Prices from 0.75 €

Wapsi Razor Foam

Super thin foam great for small flies, floating nymphs, cut...
Prices from 1.62 €

FMFly Booby Eyes

Main foam material for the Booby patterns. The most popular...
Prices from 0.89 €

Hareline Dubbin Mini Squiggle Worms

Thinner and tapered wormlike material that is attachable wit...
Prices from 3.29 €

FMFly Flexi Floss

Prices from 0.73 €

FMFly Squirmy Wormies

Soft silicone elastics for tying extremely effective nymph p...
Prices from 3.81 €

Spirit River Fly Foam 3mm

This is a great closed-cell foam for Hoppers, Ants, and Beet...
Prices from 1.15 €

Spirit River Bug Body Foam

Prices from 1.76 €

Wapsi Sili Legs

Great colors with evenly spaced black bars creates our perfe...
Prices from 5.06 €

Hareline Dubbin Casters Squirmito

Very soft silicone rubber for tying extremely effective nymp...
Prices from 3.27 €

Hareline Dubbin Crazy Legs

Silicone skirting that is used in many fly patterns for both...
Prices from 5.41 €