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Double & Treble Sea Hooks
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Westin Saltwater Treble Hooks

Westin Saltwater Treble Hooks
New 2024!
Elevate your saltwater fishing game with SALTWATER TREBLE HO...
Prices from 5.40 €

VMC 7560 - Tropic Needle Point 6x-Strong Treble

VMC 7560 - Tropic Needle Point 6x-Strong Treble
New 2024!
A popular choice for tropical species and specimen catfish....
Prices from 13.65 €

Savage Gear Treble Sea Hooks Savage SGY 2X

The ultimate salt water lure fishing hooks, perfect Y-shaped...
Prices from 6.82 €

Owner Treble Hooks ST41BCX

ST-41 TREBLES™, 2X strong with a corrosion-resistant black c...
Prices from 9.18 €

Owner Treble hooks STX58TN

Series of trebles made from sepcial material 3X STRONG ZO WI...
Prices from 10.94 €

Owner Treble hooks ST66TN

The strongest OWNER trebles on European market. Saltwater pr...
Prices from 10.47 €

Owner Treble hooks ST46TN

One of the strongest Owner's trebles. Saltwater protected. R...
Prices from 9.18 €

Jaxon Sea Treble Sumato

Sea Treble Sumato Jaxon
Prices from 5.53 €

Mustad Treble Hooks Teflon 5201

Treble hooks resistant to salt water. For years used in pilk...
Prices from 0.12 €
Our wide range of treble hooks will allow you to choose the right model for both rearming and retooling soft baits, replacing worn out or corroded trebles in pilkers or other sea lures.
Sea treble hooks are made of the appropriate high-quality wire that does not rust despite extremely harsh salty conditions. After all, after fishing in such conditions, it is always worth taking care of your gear and cleaning it from salty deposits.
Noteworthy are high-quality sea trebles from reputable manufacturers such as Mustad, Owner Japan or Gamakatsu, Solvkroken (models up to size 10/0).