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Drop Shot Accessories

Jenzi 7x7 Drop Shot Stinger Rig

7x7 Drop-Shot Rig with Offset-Hooks and Stinger. This Drop-S...
Prices from 3.69 €

Jenzi 7x7 Drop-Shot Rig

7x7 Drop-Shot Rig with Offset-Hooks. This Drop-Shot Rig was...
Prices from 3.29 €

Fish Arrow Rig Sinker Tungsten Fat

A new style of free rig "swimming free rig" , which uses a f...
Prices from 8.00 €

VMC 7119SH Spinshot Dropshot Hook

Ultra-light and resistant spinning system combining the VMC®...
Prices from 8.24 €

VMC Hooks 7119 Light Dropshot

Premium Spark Point® hook for extreme sharpness. Ultra-light...
Prices from 3.48 €

Savage Gear Dropshot Rig Kits

Perfect finesse drop shot rigs, tied with 100% soft Flouro C...
Prices from 10.35 €

Stonfo Beads for paternoster rig

Popularity of sea fishing is growing from strength to streng...
Prices from 2.68 €

Mustad VGB Dropshot Hooks

Lunker city is excited to bring you a brand-new style drop s...
Prices from 6.59 €

Jaxon QBS Beads

Prices from 0.75 €

Jaxon Side Strap Sinkers

Jaxon Co. produce great side strap sinkers. Sinkers have sha...
Prices from 0.52 €

Jaxon Long Leads

Long Leads Jaxon
Prices from 0.99 €
The drop shot method have become extremely popular due to their high efficiency - initially in competitions, and then among hobby anglers. It is an extremely effective method, thanks to which we can catch not only perch, but also zander, trout and many other species of fish. This method has evolved over the years, becoming more effective and even easier to apply.
Dropshot accessories are an extremely important element of our set, which is why our offer includes hooks and accessories from brands such as Mustad, Owner or Jaxon.