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Accessories for the rods
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Jaxon Case for quiver

Jaxon Case for quiver
New 2024!
Prices from 0.71 €

Hareline Dubbin O'Pros Belt Clip Rod Holder

O’Pros Belt Clip Rod Holder for Fly and Spinning Rod - Se...
Prices from 39.29 €

Stonfo Lure-Line Holder 730

Holder designed to secure the hook to the fishing rod. It ca...
Prices from 5.65 €

Preston Supera Rod Bands

The Supera Rod Bands are perfect for storing ready made rods...
Prices from 10.47 €

Korum Rod And Lead bands

Designed to keep rod sections together in transit. Neoprene...
Prices from 9.06 €

Jaxon Feeder tips Glass

Feeder tip Glass SPARE TIPS FOR FEEDER RODS Length 50 cm...
Prices from 3.72 €

Jaxon Spare feeder tips - Carbon

Spare tips for feeder and quiver rods, made from carbon....
Prices from 5.41 €

Jaxon Rings to fishing rods match

Frame gun smoke, Slim TS. Set of 12 pcs. SLIM TS - elevated...
Prices from 6.71 €

Dragon Rod Clasps, Velcro

A new generation of velcro, patented by the manufacturer in...
Prices from 0.94 €

Ryszard Komodziński Screw tip

Prices from 0.38 €

Jaxon Hollow Carbon Tips

Hollow Carbon Tips
Prices from 1.51 €

Jaxon Hollow Glass Tips

Hollow Glass Tips
Prices from 0.89 €

Jaxon All-round double leg rings

All-round rings On one foot, the CIS Zirconia, frame gun sm...
Prices from 1.13 €

Jaxon Tip ring

Very big offer of tip rings for rods.
Prices from 0.99 €

Jaxon Velcro strap, protective connector

Straps- neoprene, elastic.
Prices from 1.46 €
The fishing rod is a real weapon in the hand of the angler and it is this rod that is the element that determines the comfort and effectiveness of fishing. Many of us treat them with great respect and fondness. In line with the saying "how do you care - this is how you have", we offer a wide selection of rod accessories, thanks to which you will be able to take care of your rods, for example during transport, as well as perform emergency repairs in the event of minor faults.
Here you will find Velcro, bands, fasteners and other rod accessories.