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Catfish Braided Lines
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DAM Madcat Camo Skin Line

Skin line is our high quality HMPE hook link material with a...
Prices from 14.12 €

DAM Madcat Madcat Backbone

DAM Madcat Madcat Backbone
New 2024!
Prices from 41.88 €

Black Cat Zeus Line G2

Spliceable, 8-strand, round, extremely durable, braided main...
Prices from 37.65 €

Delphin Boxer

Strong catfish line at the price of monofilament. Delphin B...
Prices from 12.82 €

DAM Madcat Pellet Hook Link 16X HMPE

Special catfish hook link, in a concealing brown color. Made...
Prices from 9.29 €

Black Cat Frontzone Leader

The leader is a crucial element of your rig in catfish angli...
Prices from 29.65 €

Black Cat Zeus Universal Leader

The simply indestructible Zeus Universal Leader offers the a...
Prices from 32.94 €

Black Cat Braided lines S-Line

8-strand, round, extremely durable, braided main line for al...
Prices from 21.18 €

Mivardi Carp fishing braids Monster Reflex Braid

Extremely strong braided line with smooth and compact surfac...
Prices from 26.35 €

DAM Madcat Braided lines MADCAT Spliceable Leader Line

This 16 yarns PE braid is specially developed for easy splic...
Prices from 13.18 €

DAM Madcat Braided lines MADCAT 8-Braid

Soft, strong and round 8-braid (HMPE), in a highly visible,...
Prices from 51.53 €

DAM Madcat Braided lines MADCAT Cat Cable

The thickest, strongest and most reliable hoolink material i...
Prices from 9.53 €

DAM Madcat Braided lines MADCAT Power Leader

A dense and tightly braided, sinking leader material contain...
Prices from 9.29 €

Jaxon Braided lines Sumato Catfish 250m

Strong catfish briad, colour: dark green. Presenting JAXON...
Prices from 14.12 €

Dragon Braided lines Giant Cat 8X

– professional catfish braid for reel spool and rigs – 8X c...
Prices from 7.18 €

Jaxon Braided lines Black Horse 8X Catfish

Thicker braids for catfish anglers. In case of BLACK HORSE...
Prices from 25.18 €
There is probably no need to convince anyone who wants to catch a fish that is equal in size, and more and more often exceeds the angler, to the necessity of using strong braids. Nevertheless, it is worth considering twice when choosing a catfish braid, because high breaking strength is not the only feature such a braid should have. While towing a mustachioed predator, we will have to face not only a strong fish, but also difficult conditions in the fishery. Specialized catfish braids are products with increased resistance to abrasion and other mechanical damage. Real braids for special tasks.
Braids for catfish rigs are modified variants of traditional braids.
These are strong and soft braids most often in discreet colors. Their most important feature is increased resistance to abrasion, which enables even long catfish hunting.