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Catfish Hooks, Trebles
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Black Cat Rigging Hook DG

The Rigging Hook is the strongest single hook in our range...
Prices from 5.71 €

DAM Madcat A-Static Pellet Catfish Hooks

We designed this hook to be the perfect size, and shape for...
Prices from 7.50 €

Black Cat Hooks Cat Hooker Hook DG Coating

Stefan Seuß made it a personal challenge to perfect the hair...
Prices from 5.71 €

Black Cat Hooks Ghost Double Hook DG Coating

The Ghost Double Hook is one of the most innovative hook ser...
Prices from 15.00 €

Black Cat Hooks Ghost Rig Hook DG Coating

The Ghost Rig Hook is one of the most innovative hook series...
Prices from 9.52 €

Black Cat Hooks Gripper Hook DG Coating

The Gripper Hook is a veritable weapon! With its unique, agg...
Prices from 7.26 €

Black Cat Hooks Mega Hook DG Coating

The Mega Hook is the most universal single hook on the marke...
Prices from 8.81 €

Black Cat Hooks Power Rig DG Coating

The name says it all! The Power Rig Hook is as strong as an...
Prices from 5.71 €

Black Cat Hooks Gripper Ghost DG Coating

The Ghost Gripper Hook is one of the most innovative hook se...
Prices from 12.38 €

Black Cat Treble Hooks DG Coating

The classic treble. Once it makes contact with the mouth of...
Prices from 7.98 €

Black Cat Treble Hooks Curved Point DG Coating

As the name suggests, the difference between the Curve Point...
Prices from 8.05 €

Black Cat Hooks Buzzer Hook DG

The Buzzer Hook is based upon a Ghost Hook with an additiona...
Prices from 8.57 €

Owner Hooks CF-66

Prices from 13.10 €

Owner Hooks CF-3

Prices from 7.38 €

Owner Hooks CF-2

Prices from 6.55 €

Black Cat Hooks BC Claw Single Hook DG coating

As an addition to our ready-made Shad Claw Rig, the BC Claw...
Prices from 8.81 €

Black Cat Hooks Mega-Offset-Hook DG coating

The Black Cat Mega Offset Hook is the perfect hook for casti...
Prices from 5.71 €

DAM Madcat MADCAT A-Static Teaser Hooks

Ideal to use as a teaser hook under a clonk teaser. Made fro...
Prices from 7.14 €

DAM Madcat Madcat A-Static Classic Catfish Hooks

Popular, classic shaped catfish hooks. Made of high quality,...
Prices from 9.40 €

DAM Madcat Madcat A-Static Deadbait Gripper Hooks

The small assist hook goes through the snout of the dead bai...
Prices from 9.05 €

DAM Madcat Madcat A-Static Jig Hooks

Ultra-sharp, lightweight jig hooks with a welded eye. Ideal...
Prices from 7.14 €

DAM Madcat MADCAT A-Static Treble 6X

Ultra-sharp and super strong treble hooks. Made of high qual...
Prices from 9.05 €

Gamakatsu Hooks LS-5213 N

Long shank with double-barb to hold the bait better and to k...
Prices from 3.76 €

Gamakatsu Hooks LS-4644F

Hooks LS-4644F Gamakatsu
Prices from 9.17 €

Owner Hooks 5105 - OC Gorilla

Super strong hooks for catfish, grass carp and other big fis...
Prices from 5.71 €

Jaxon Hooks Sumato Catfish

Super strong hooks for fishing in hardest conditions and ver...
Prices from 1.48 €
The catfish is the uncrowned king of waters, in order to catch it you need to show respect and humility. Deliberately catching mustachioed predators is a real freshwater big-game, and the strength of our kit is determined by small elements. Only an uncompromising approach can guarantee our success. Catfish hooks must be sharp and extremely durable, not only due to the strength and size of this predator, but also due to the difficult conditions in which we will face it.
Our offer of catfish hooks consists of excellent quality products from recognized manufacturers such as Mustad, Gamakatsu, Owner, DAM. A wide selection of both models and sizes will allow you to match the hook to your preferred catfish technique.