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Preston Carp XS Landing Nets

Preston Carp XS Landing Nets
New 2024!
A super strong landing net featuring a robust spreader block...
Prices from 22.14 €

Delphin Handle ATOMA Feeder

ATOMA is a series of whole-carbon handles suitable for feede...
Prices from 51.90 €

Matrix Carp Landing Nets

Ideal for using when catching commercial carp or specimen fi...
Prices from 14.52 €

Matrix Supa Lite Free Flow Landing Net

• Free flow anti snag mesh • Lightweight frame • Strong sp...
Prices from 15.95 €

DAM Eco Big Fish Net

Large landing net with a rigid frame and telescopic handle....
Prices from 16.67 €

Dragon Pike Net

Prices from 26.43 €

Savage Gear Safety Fish Grip

A superbly user-friendly and fish-friendly grip that has mai...
Prices from 11.43 €

Preston Response Carp 4.0M Landing Net Handle

The Response XS 4M Handle is the ultimate flagship match fis...
Prices from 98.81 €

Savage Gear Pro Finezze Foldable Net with Scale

This large, foldable landing night is ideal for big pike and...
Prices from 98.81 €

Savage Gear Pro Finezze Net With Scale

These floating nets are super-versatile, suitable for wading...
Prices from 88.81 €

Delphin Floating landing net Atoma Fd-R Floaty

Delphin ATOMA FD-R FLOATY is a floating net head equipped wi...
Prices from 24.76 €

DAM Landing net Extreme Net

Prices from 26.19 €

Preston Supalite Nylon Landing Net Head

The Supalite Nylon Landing nets are extremely lightweight as...
Prices from 21.67 €

Dragon Oval landing nets with soft mesh, with latch mesh lock

A series of three large and, above all, very strong landing...
Prices from 42.14 €

Dragon Pike foldable landing net

Professional pike landing net, made on the top quality level...
Prices from 50.71 €

Preston Free Flow Landing Net Head

The lightest nets we produce, these are ideal for all types...
Prices from 18.33 €

Preston Latex Hair Mesh Landing Nets

Constructed from a lightweight but very strong frame, the La...
Prices from 25.95 €

Savage Gear Light Game Lip Grip Alu

The perfect choice for light game anglers or spinning, this...
Prices from 34.52 €

Savage Gear Floating Lip Grip

This strong, lightweight and extremely useful lip grip will...
Prices from 8.21 €

Savage Gear LRF Lip Grip Alu

A must-have tool for every LRF angler, this strong and light...
Prices from 27.62 €

Savage Gear Landing nets Easy-Fold Street Fishing Net

When street fishing in urban areas, you need your kit to be...
Prices from 69.29 €

Savage Gear Landing nets Foldable Net with Lock

This foldable landing net is extremely easy to open thanks t...
Prices from 39.52 €

Savage Gear Landing nets Easy-Fold Net

The rubberised mesh, telescopic handle and strong aluminium...
Prices from 52.38 €

Savage Gear Landing nets Full Frame Landing Net Round

Once you slip this strong and durable net under your catch,...
Prices from 52.38 €

Savage Gear Landing nets Pro Finezze XL

Lightweight and floating wading or belly boat net. Ideal for...
Prices from 52.38 €

Savage Gear Landing nets Twist & Fold Net

Ideal for fishing from either the boat or the bank, the Twis...
Prices from 59.52 €

Savage Gear Landing nets Pro Folding Net DLX

After a tense battle with a monster pike or zander, you need...
Prices from 52.38 €

Savage Gear Landing nets Full Frame Landing Net Telescopic

This super-strong and durable net is perfect for lure fishin...
Prices from 46.43 €

Savage Gear Landing nets Pro Folding Net Telescopic

After a tense battle with a monster pike or zander, you need...
Prices from 52.38 €

Preston Quick Dry Landing Net Head

The new and improved Quick Dry Landing Net head is construct...
Prices from 20.71 €

Preston Hair Mesh Landing Net head

A versatile net thats perfect for numerous styles of fishing...
Prices from 20.95 €

Preston Latex Match Landing Net head

Similar in design to the normal match landing net, this one...
Prices from 26.67 €

Preston Match Landing Net Head

Constructed from a fine mesh base and a wide meshed side, th...
Prices from 24.52 €
The last element of the catch - taking the fish to the landing net - is also the moment when we often make a mistake and say goodbye to our would-be catch. The importance of a fishing landing net is well known to competition participants for whom a light landing net on a long handle is an indispensable element of their equipment. When fishing for recreational purposes, it is worth having a construction that will allow you to pick up the prey in a certain way, but it will be practical and handy.
Fishing tackle offer includes both traditional fishing nets, as well as landing net heads and sticks of various lengths.