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Westin W3 Wallet Roll

Westin W3 Wallet Roll
New 2024!
The Westin Roll Lure Wallet is the ultimate storage solution...
Prices from 12.24 €

Westin W3 Wallet Fold

Westin W3 Wallet Fold
New 2024!
Store your lures safely and conveniently in the Westin W3 Lu...
Prices from 9.88 €

Preston Absolute Hooklength Boxes

Short Hooklength Box A compact solution to storing shorte...
Prices from 12.71 €

Westin W3 Rig Wallet

Keep your rigs, lures and accessories organized in the W3 Ri...
Prices from 21.18 €

Jaxon Rig Box XCA09

Prices from 12.00 €

Savage Gear Pocket Roll up pouch for lures

Pocket Roll up pouch for our line thru lures made from Soft...
Prices from 7.29 €

Delphin Area Rig Lux Carpath case

A luxurious case for carp rigs which meets even the most dem...
Prices from 22.35 €

Delphin Case Area Rig Carpath

Case Rig was designed for storing carp and other rigs. The c...
Prices from 9.65 €

DAM Effzett Effzett Pro-Tact Document Bag

The EFFZETT Pro-Tact document bag puts other document bags i...
Prices from 9.53 €

DAM IMAX Oceanic rig wallets

The perfect space-saving solution for storing sea fishing ri...
Prices from 22.12 €

Dragon Accessory bag with box DGN

Kit for a quick trip to a well - known water. Box for lures,...
Prices from 22.59 €

Savage Gear Zipper Wallet 1 Holds 12 & Foam

Pocket Zipper wallet made from Soft durable 600Denier fabric...
Prices from 18.35 €

FOX Camolite Licence Wallet

Camolite Licence Wallet - Keeps your licence and documents s...
Prices from 11.41 €


Sealed bags designed to be used in Team Dragon, Hells Angler...
Prices from 1.51 €

Jaxon Wallets

Practical wallets for comfortable and practical keeping of s...
Prices from 12.71 €

Dragon Rig wallet Megabaits

Small, comfortable wallet for ready hooks.
Prices from 4.09 €

Jaxon Rig Pouch

Prices from 14.35 €

DAM MAD MAD Rig System Box

A very functional rig box, made out of shock-proof dark gree...
Prices from 13.18 €

GURU Adjustable Rig Case

These latest Rig Cases provide a complete and safe storage/t...
Prices from 24.71 €

Dragon Leaders/rigs bag DGN

DRAGON DGN cases and bags are made from very strong and wate...
Prices from 12.00 €

Savage Gear PE bags for the Flip Rig bag

12 replacement heavy-duty PE bags for the Flip Rig bag.
Prices from 9.41 €

Savage Gear Flip Rig Bag

Stay versatile with this practical, double-sided flip bag. I...
Prices from 35.29 €

Preston Mag Store System Rig Sticks

Spare magnetic Rig Sticks that fit directly into the Mag Sto...
Prices from 4.19 €

Preston Mag Store System Unloaded

The Mag Store System is the ultimate hooklength storage syst...
Prices from 13.88 €

Preston Mag Store System 4 Hooklength Box

The Mag Store System is the ultimate hooklength storage syst...
Prices from 25.18 €

Preston Mag Store System 6 Hooklength Box

The Mag Store System is the ultimate hooklength storage syst...
Prices from 26.35 €

Stonfo Rigs Storage Boxes

The Portafinali 200 and 300 are hook lengths storage boxes d...
Prices from 10.47 €

Korda Leader Safe

Prices from 14.12 €

Korda Chod Safe

If you use chod rigs, or hinged stiff rigs then you’re going...
Prices from 31.06 €

Korda Mini Rig Safe

We've overhauled our rig-storage solutions recently, and thi...
Prices from 33.41 €

GURU Stealth Rig Case 6 inch

Updated versions of the super popular original Rig Case! All...
Prices from 19.29 €

GURU Rig Box

The Guru Rig Box is designed to store rig safely and neatly...
Prices from 11.06 €

Preston Mag Store System 15 Hooklength Box

The Mag Store System is the ultimate hooklength storage syst...
Prices from 28.71 €

Savage Gear Bags for Flip Wallet Rig and Lure

Pocket Flip wallet Ziplock bags for pre-rigged line thru lur...
Prices from 5.41 €

The rig pencil case is a super-necessary gadget for carp anglers, fans of the method or other ground and float fishing methods. In addition, various types of rig wallets and ready-made sets are used by spinning anglers, sea anglers, catfish fishing fans, as well as fly fishermen.

A rig pencil case or other case or box should be in the equipment of every angler who wants to have order and be well prepared for the next trip.

For example, having a pencil case for carp rigs, we can easily check before we go on a trip how much ready-made rigs we have, which we lack and what you need to do or buy to have a complete set for every situation you encounter on the water.

Pencils and boxes for method rigs often have additional fastenings or length adjustments, so that it is easy for us to store the rigs in perfect organization . Have them arranged according to the length of the leader, the size of the hook or the type of end for attaching the bait.

The leader pencil case can be labeled to facilitate and speed up the replacement of a used leader. This is what competitors do, where every second counts during the competition.

To sum up, if we have a large number of rigs, you value high quality, it is worth having accessories for safe storage of rigs in your equipment.