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Fishing Keepnets and Bait Fish Nets
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Matrix 3.0m Carp Safe Keepnet

Bigger size is ideal for big carp Durable fish safe...
Prices from 58.33 €

Matrix 4.0m Carp Safe Keepnet

Bigger size is ideal for big carp Durable fish safe...
Prices from 73.81 €

Jaxon Net for catching live bait

Jaxon standard nets for catching live bait and Tilt Net for...
Prices from 6.55 €

Delphin WetNET Atoma

Delphin WetNET Atoma is a waterproof bag, rectangular in sha...
Prices from 21.19 €

Delphin WetNET Keep

Delphin WetNET Keep is a waterproof bag specially designed f...
Prices from 18.10 €

Delphin Atoma Square Tunel

Premium extra long storage net designed for sports feeder or...
Prices from 47.86 €

Preston Carp Mesh Keepnets

Innovative reversed top ring allows you to fit more keepnets...
Prices from 63.86 €

DAM O.T.T. Keepnet Micro Mesh

• Aluminium frames • Knotless micro mesh 2x1mm • Multi ang...
Prices from 41.19 €

Mivardi Keepnet Match Pro Round 4 m

Keepnets for match and feeder angling. A new type of the rap...
Prices from 42.86 €

Jaxon Tournament Rectangle nets

Competition fishing nets made of a special type of fish-resi...
Prices from 70.95 €

Jaxon Eco

Jaxon keepnets are easy to use and become dry much quicker t...
Prices from 4.57 €

Jaxon Medium Net

Jaxon keepnets are easy to use and become dry much quicker t...
Prices from 10.48 €

Jaxon Jaxon Junior

Universal grid to store fish.
Prices from 3.95 €

Jaxon Po Match

Jaxon Pro Match Competition grid for storing fish during fi...
Prices from 49.05 €

A fishing keepnet is an extremely important piece of fishing tackle for every coarse anglers, not to mention for anglers taking part in fishing competitions.
Fishing keepnet are used to keep fish in the best condition, which after fishing will be weighed (as it is during competitions) or released.
Keepnets must be large, above all, so that live fish have adequate space to move around, so that they do not rub against each other and simply return to the water in the best possible condition.
The material from which fishing keepnet are made (obviously better models) is soft enough not to damage the fish.

Which fishing keepnet to choose?

There are two basic mesh shapes to choose from, round and square or rectangular.

Round keepnets are the most popular models available on the market for years, they are relatively cheap and available in various lengths. In addition, the meshes of the keepnet are larger than those found in competition keepnets.

Square or rectangular are specialized fishing keepnets recommended for competition match anglers. They are bigger and longer and made of a different material. They have smaller meshes and, additionally, they create a shadow for the kept fish, which calms them down. Another advantage of such keepnets is their shape, which limits the movement on the bottom - which is extremely helpful when fishing in rivers.

When choosing a keepnet, first of all, you need to pay attention to the length, it is better to buy a longer one than too short. If we think that 3 meters is enough for us, let's buy 4 meters. A longer fishing keepnet works better on fisheries with a higher bank and in very shallow places.

In our online fishing store you will find various models of keepnet, including valued match fishing brands such as Preston.