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Maros-Mix CSL Liquids

CSL attractants are available in bottles of 500 ml. Its sour...
Prices from 4.71 €

Maros-Mix Extra Activator

These oil-based liquid attractants in 250 ml bottles come in...
Prices from 2.86 €

Osmo Innovation Baits Liquids Juice

Our liquids are not only aroma with water but also nutrients...
Prices from 10.12 €

Dynamite Baits Belachan Catfish Dip

• Distinct pungent smell and salty shrimp flavour • Natural...
Prices from 5.95 €

Jaxon Boosters Method Feeder FM-BU

Liquid flavour additives to enhance baits or groundbaits. PV...
Prices from 6.07 €
The bait dips are a liquid or gel additive with a very intense aroma. This is due to the high concentration of attractors and flavor enhancers. They are most often used for soaking baits - from worms, carp boilies and grains.
The effect of long-lasting dipping of the ball in the dip will harden its surface and create a characteristic crust, which, under the influence of water, will release an aroma that the carp will not be able to resist.