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Wapsi SLF Hanks

Prices from 3.55 €

FutureFly Coastal Dubbing

FF Coastal Dubbing is the perfect seal substitut for our coa...
Prices from 3.06 €

FMFly Peacock Hair

Prices from 1.06 €

Wapsi SLF Saltwater Dubbing

The selected saltwater colors in a special blend of transluc...
Prices from 3.95 €

Semperfli Kapok Dubbing

Kapok Dubbing is the ultimate in dubbing for your fishing fl...
Prices from 2.68 €

Semperfli Ice Dubbing

Ice dubbing including Ice Dubbing Starling is a micro fine m...
Prices from 2.68 €

Hareline Dubbin Senyo's Laser Dub

A unique custom mix that we have developed along with fly de...
Prices from 3.06 €

FMFly Angel Hair

Angel Hair is a synthetic long hair with a delicate shiny st...
Prices from 0.99 €

FutureFly Signature Dubbing

FF Signature Dubbing is a dream come true. In corporation wi...
Prices from 3.06 €

Hareline Dubbin Dubbing Ripple Ice Dub

Easily dubbable and thinner than our super popular Ripple Ic...
Prices from 2.59 €

Wapsi Dubbing SLF Prism Multi-Laminated Synthetic

SLF Prism Dubbing is made from a multi-laminated synthetic t...
Prices from 1.88 €

FMFly Hard Dubbing

Hard dubbing is a mixture of fortunes of several animals - o...
Prices from 0.99 €

Hemingway's Dubbing Brush Czech Nymph

Czech Nymph Dubbing Brush is a hand-made dubbing blend for C...
Prices from 2.57 €

FMFly Micro Sparkle Dub

Micro Sparkle Dub this is a softer version of the popular Sp...
Prices from 0.99 €

FMFly CDC Dubbing

CDC Dubbing is an irreplaceable material for tying the bodie...
Prices from 3.72 €

FMFly Dubbing Sparkle Dub

One of the most popular synthetic dubbings on offer, known f...
Prices from 0.99 €

Wapsi Dubbing Box

Prices from 6.12 €

Wapsi Dubbing Wax

Prices from 5.06 €

FMFly Holo Dubbing

Synthetic holographic dubbing which can be used for the stre...
Prices from 1.60 €

FMFly Ice & UV Dubbing

Ice & UV Dubbing is a brilliant shimmering synthetic dubbing...
Prices from 0.94 €

Wapsi Sow-Scud

Prices from 3.81 €

Wapsi Dubbing Life Cycle

Natural furs combined with special shades of super bright. D...
Prices from 2.16 €

Spirit River UV2 Scud Shrimp Dubbing

have also added just a touch of pearl blue Lite Brite many f...
Prices from 2.59 €

Spirit River UV2 Fusion Seal-X Ice Dubbing

UV2 Fusion Seal-X Ice Dubbing is our latest new dubbing that...
Prices from 1.88 €

Spirit River UV2 Fine & Dry Dubbing

As with all UV2 dubbings, these have a mix of primary colors...
Prices from 1.76 €

Spirit River Dubbing UV2 Diamond Brite

Once you try this you will never use it over and over again...
Prices from 2.64 €

Spirit River UV2 Caddis & Nymph Dubbing

As with all UV2 dubbings, these have a mix of primary colors...
Prices from 2.09 €

Wapsi Dubbing SLF Squirrel

SLF Squirrel Dubbing is a killer combination of squirrel spi...
Prices from 5.65 €

Hends Metal Fiber

Prices from 1.22 €

Hemingway's Peacock Dubbing

Hemingway’s P.D. is one of the most effective Peacock blends...
Prices from 1.41 €

Hemingway's Czech Nymph Dubbing

This is a speciality “Hand Made Blend,” of natural fur and s...
Prices from 1.30 €

Hemingway's UV Hare Dubbing Plus

Hare’s Dubbing Plus UV is very similar to our Hare Plus blen...
Prices from 1.35 €

Hemingway's Deer Hair Dubbing

Deer Hair Dubbing is extremely unique, highly sought after,...
Prices from 1.32 €

Hareline Dubbin Rainbow Scud

We dye and mix 4 colors to get this product. Looks great wet...
Prices from 3.95 €