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Jerkbait Lures
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FishTank Penalty Target

Penalty Target (PT) series contain three sizes of lures, eac...
Prices from 9.05 €

FishTank Steel Target

The Steel Target (ST) series contains three sizes of lures,...
Prices from 9.29 €

FOX Rage Jerkbaits Hitcher Jerk & Twitch

Back due to popular demand, the Hitcher J&T gives you yet mo...
Prices from 10.60 €

Strike Pro Miuras Mouse Lures

The Miuras "mouse" was designed by the Italian lure builder...
Prices from 49.76 €

Salmo Lures Jack

The Jack 18 is back as this Salmo classic arrives in three l...
Prices from 20.71 €

Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Topknock Pencil

Available in two sizes, this new style Pencil has an action...
Prices from 15.00 €

Yo-Zuri Lures 3DB Pencil

The Yo-zuri 3DB Pencil is a top-of-the-line, topwater, “Walk...
Prices from 12.14 €

Sakura Lures Mousty

Surface fishing enthusiasts appreciate our Sakura Mousta lur...
Prices from 9.40 €

Sakura Lures Minnows Bainer

The Bainer 105S – lipless minnows are tapered and heavily we...
Prices from 8.93 €

Salmo Rattlin Slider

Salmo’s legendary lure evolves with the addition of the Ratt...
Prices from 15.95 €

DUEL Jerkbaits Duel Adagio

Jerkbaits Duel Adagio: * Brings Fish in from All Dire...
Prices from 10.36 €

Kenart Jerkbaits Bass Jerk

Bass Jerk is a great lure a fantastic sways from side to sid...
Prices from 7.74 €

Shimano Jerkbaits Coltsniper Rockwalk

- Perfect for fishing using the walk the dog action - compa...
Prices from 23.57 €

Salmo Lures Rattlin Stick

The lures Salmo Rattlin’ Stick takes topwater walk the dog b...
Prices from 14.29 €

Palms Lures Andre's Gig 115S

Fusion of distance, strength and action for power fight. The...
Prices from 17.86 €

Yo-Zuri Hard Lures Yo-Zuri Edge Trembler Minnow

The Edge Trembler Minnow™ is an underwater “Walk-the-Dog” lu...
Prices from 17.02 €

Rapala X-Rap Twitchin Shad

Rapala X-Rap Twitchin Shad baits are small jerks with walk t...
Prices from 12.62 €

Strike Pro Guppie Lures

Strike Pro Guppie has been the gold standard for custom glid...
Prices from 21.67 €

Molix Jerkbaits Pike Jerk 140

Started as an handicraft lure the Pike Jerk 140 has been lat...
Prices from 18.57 €

Molix Jerkbaits Pike Jerk 105

Started as a handicraft lure, the Pike Jerk 105 has been lat...
Prices from 12.62 €

Dorado Jerkbait Blik

Blik- a crazy jerk as described by one of my colleagues. Eve...
Prices from 8.45 €

Dorado Jerkbaits Art-lures - Elusor

Elusor- a jerk for anglers who prefer leisurely methodical f...
Prices from 9.29 €

Dorado Jerkbaits Jumper

Jumper - another model from our still growing family of Dora...
Prices from 9.29 €

Strike Pro The Pig Jerkbaits

The Pig / Pig Jr | Need a jerkbait that triggers big fish? J...
Prices from 22.14 €

Zalt Jerkbaits Zam Z

Prices from 9.29 €

Zalt Jerkbaits Zalt Z

Prices from 14.05 €

Wob-Art Jerkbaits Ukleja (Bleak) XL ST Seatrout

The shape faithfully imitates the appearance of the herring....
Prices from 9.29 €

Wob-Art Jerkbaits Ukleja (Bleak) XL LL (Lipless)

The shape faithfully imitates the bleak. An excellent wobble...
Prices from 8.57 €

Wob-Art Jerkbait Tubis

Shape similar to a tubis. The belly parts of the wobbler are...
Prices from 8.69 €

Rapala X-Rap Otus Lures

A formidable creature, the X-Rap® Otus, combines Rapala’s fi...
Prices from 14.29 €

Gloog Hermes Jerk

If you catch apts and you are not fond of a high speed wobb...
Prices from 6.31 €

Westin Swim Glidebait

Swim - 6,5cm / 9g / Suspending The suspending Westin Swim,...
Prices from 11.19 €

Savage Gear 4Play V2 Swim & Jerk

Savage Gear 4Play V2 Swim & Jerk - Based on a 3D Scan of a R...
Prices from 14.40 €

Rapala X-Rap Peto Lures

The Finnish Beast, X-Rap® Peto, combines Rapala’s fish-catch...
Prices from 17.86 €

Salmo Sweeper

Introducing the Salmo Sweeper, as the name implies, you will...
Prices from 13.81 €

Dorado Jerkbaits Drunk

This gliding jerkbait, introduced to the DORADO range in 200...
Prices from 8.45 €

Kenart Jerkbaits Dancer

Dancer belongs to a jerkbait family, it is a typical glider....
Prices from 7.74 €

Salmo Fatso

The FATSO certainly was a ‘breakthrough’ lure, just notice t...
Prices from 12.38 €

Salmo Slider

Salmo Slider this gliding jerkbait, introduced to the SALMO...
Prices from 10.00 €

Strike Pro Tiny Buster

Tiny Buster, size does matter! Tiny Buster is a new tiny ver...
Prices from 7.14 €
Jerkbaits is another group of fishing lures designed mainly for pike fishing, although in a slightly smaller version, ideal for perch and even for trout. Their structure and characteristic motion resembles a wounded fish, which often fall victim of not too intensely feeding predator.
Like many other ideas, jerkbait lures arrived relatively late and they were brought from overseas. Simple, at first glance, the structure combined with an interesting range of colours created sensation.
Currently, lipless wobblers consitute a very high percentage share of baits for large pike. Jerkbaits, can be divided into two basic groups. The first of them are the so-called gliders, which during jerking work side to side. The second group are the pullbaits, that is lure with practically no action on their own. These are a bit more demanding, but equally effective baits, having many predators on their conscience.