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Fly tying materials - chenille
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Semperfli Suede Chenille

Suede Chenille is an ultra fine suede chenille which is perf...
Prices from 2.00 €

FMFly Diamond Chenille 15mm

Diamond Chenille 15mm is a translucent, slightly shimmering...
Prices from 0.99 €

Semperfli Straggle String Micro Chenille

Specially designed micro chenille with just 2 micro bnded co...
Prices from 2.92 €

Semperfli Straggle String Multicard Pack

A multicard selection of Straggle String in a wonderful rang...
Prices from 6.59 €

Veniard Mop Chenille

The material from car washing/polishing mitts, now available...
Prices from 3.06 €

FMFly Krystal Chenille

Krystal Chenille is a translucent, soft, slightly shimmering...
Prices from 0.89 €

Hemingway's Deer Hair Dubbing Brush

Dubbing Brush made of deer hair, which is suitable for tying...
Prices from 2.60 €

Hemingway's Streamer Brush With Micro Legs

Brush with micro legs 2.5” wide, 10” length. This is a pre-m...
Prices from 1.80 €

Hemingway's Streamer Brush Flash Blend

Flesh blend 2.5 “ wide, 10” lengthGreat gor Steelhead, Salm...
Prices from 1.74 €

Veniard FAP Plush Fritz

FAP Plush Fritz Standard 15mm Plush Blob Fritz. Pure transl...
Prices from 2.73 €

FMFly Diamond Chenille 4mm & 10mm

Diamond Chenille is a translucent, slightly shining UV refle...
Prices from 0.89 €

FMFly Glow Chenille

Glow Chenille, as the name says, shines in the dark after th...
Prices from 1.29 €

FMFly Spectrum Chenille

Spectrum Chenille is one of the most popular types of chenil...
Prices from 0.89 €

Hends Estaz Chenille

Prices from 1.18 €

Hareline Dubbin Polar Chenille

Polar Chenille has long translucent fibers that undulate lik...
Prices from 2.49 €

Veniard Cactus Chenille

Dazzling body material made from flashabou type fibres.
Prices from 1.51 €

Enrico Puglisi EP Shrimp Dub Brush

I originally developed EP® SHRIMP DUB to use on my shrimp pa...
Prices from 10.47 €

Hemingway's Hare Dubbing Brush

Hare Dubbing Brush is hand-made ready-to-use material for ty...
Prices from 2.57 €

Wapsi Palmer Chenille

A Pearlescent single-sided chenille that can be used to wrap...
Prices from 2.12 €

Veniard Veniard - Turbo Translucent Chenille

The original Blob chenille. Purely translucent strands. Avai...
Prices from 3.11 €

Veniard Micro Cactus Chenille

Extremely fine diameter spooled pearl cactus chenille. Great...
Prices from 1.69 €

Veniard Krystal Chenille

A really dazzling body material. Made from Krystal Flash fib...
Prices from 1.53 €