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Mats and weighing sacks
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Jaxon Mat 100 cm

Jaxon Mat 100 cm
New 2024!
Mat dimensions: 105 x 40 cm.
Prices from 8.71 €

Prologic Carp Sack New Green

• Silky soft fish friendly material • Soft safe breath mesh...
Prices from 8.94 €

Delphin Fish mat with sideboards Delphin DUOMAT

Delphin DUOMAT is the right choice for anglers, who don´t ha...
Prices from 35.76 €

Westin W3 Weigh Sling

Weigh your dream fish without stress using the W3 Weigh Slin...
Prices from 18.20 €

Delphin Eazy SAFE

The goal was clear when designing this product - to bring to...
Prices from 84.47 €

Delphin Weigh bag QuickSACK

A highly practical bag to weigh your catch in. It won’t take...
Prices from 16.24 €

Delphin Area S-MAT Carpath

Extraordinary practical mat which was designed for storing y...
Prices from 56.47 €

DAM Madcat Photo Mat

Big photo mat made of strong, 300D canvas (100% PU). Note: a...
Prices from 58.82 €

Prologic Floating Weigh Sling C-Series Retainer

Anything that reduces the amount of kit you take fishing can...
Prices from 24.71 €

Prologic Carp Sack C-Series

For those times when you need to retain a prize carp for a l...
Prices from 18.35 €

Korda Basix Carp Cradle

The BASIX Carp Cradle has been designed to offer the maximum...
Prices from 66.35 €

Prologic Inspire Floating Retainer Weigh Sling

Seam safe works by eliminating the areas where stitching and...
Prices from 35.29 €

Prologic Avenger Cradle

Utilising a light weight and very compact frame, the Avenger...
Prices from 96.24 €

Prologic Unhooking Mat Avenger Roll Up

Ideal for roving anglers and stalkers, the design is lightwe...
Prices from 34.12 €

Prologic Unhooking Mats with Sides Inspire

Offering the ultimate in fish protection and Carp care. Stif...
Prices from 101.65 €

DAM MAD MAD Keepsack

Our keep is a classic carp sack, but executed with a (remova...
Prices from 21.18 €

Prologic Camo Floating Retainer-Weigh Sling

Camo floating retainer and weigh sling. Ideal for resting th...
Prices from 50.35 €

Jaxon Carp sack with zip CB001

Carp sack with zip PP-CB001. Dimensions: 145 cm x 75 cm.
Prices from 13.65 €

Jaxon Carp Mat

Prices from 12.71 €


- Measurements (unfolded): 100 x 60 x 1,2 cm - Measurements...
Prices from 13.65 €
It was carp anglers who initiated the trend that changed the face of modern fishing. When fishing for great fish, we want to show respect and make sure that it returns to the water in good condition. Releasing caught fish is a great way to improve the fish stocks in your fisheries on an ad hoc basis, and careful handling of trapped fish is an excellent way to efficiently manage your fish resources.
Thanks to this, we have a chance to meet again in the future, and also give other colleagues a chance to meet a beautiful and strong fish.
In our online fishing store you will find many products for fans of carp fishing.