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Shimano Aero X7 Feeder

The Aero X7 is a highly technical range of top feeder rods...
Prices from 369.41 €

Flagman Cast Master Feeder

Flagman Cast Master Feeder
New 2024!
Prices from 47.06 €

Daiwa N'Zon N'Zon Super Slim Power Feeder

The Power Feeder models are very strong feeder rods with gre...
Prices from 108.94 €

Daiwa N'Zon N‘ZON Super Slim Feeder

The N‘Zon Super Slim Feeder rods offer optimal casting chara...
Prices from 134.59 €

Preston Monster Xtreme Distance Feeder Rods

Preston Monster Xtreme Distance Feeder Rods
New 2024!
Xtreme by name, extreme by nature! The Monster Xtreme Distan...
Prices from 105.88 €

Shimano Aero X5 Feeder

The Aero X5 rod range is priced at the upper mid-point of th...
Prices from 176.47 €

Shimano Aero Pro Precision Feeder rods

Shimano Aero Pro Precision Feeder rods
New 2024!
Aero Pro feeder rods are sensational. The most advanced feed...
Prices from 635.29 €

Preston Monster X Rods

A brand-new updated version of the extremely popular Monster...
Prices from 103.53 €

Preston Distance Master

The Distance Master Rod range offers the perfect balance bet...
Prices from 249.41 €

Jaxon Rubicon Heavy Feeder

Jaxon Rubicon Heavy Feeder
New 2024!
Prices from 44.00 €

Jaxon Rubicon River Feeder

Jaxon Rubicon River Feeder
New 2024!
Prices from 41.41 €

Jaxon Rubicon Classic Feeder

Jaxon Rubicon Classic Feeder
New 2024!
Prices from 40.24 €

Flagman Legend Feeder

Flagman Legend Feeder
New 2024!
Prices from 69.41 €

Flagman Sherman Pro River Feeder rods

Flagman Sherman Pro River Feeder rods
New 2024!
Prices from 114.12 €

Flagman Squadron Flow Feeder

Flagman Squadron Flow Feeder
New 2024!
Prices from 50.59 €

Flagman Squadron Pro Carp Feeder

The rod series is characterized by increased rigidity. The p...
Prices from 44.71 €

Matrix Aquos Ultra-D Feeder Rods

Designed for feeder fishing at distance or on powerful r...
Prices from 89.41 €

Matrix Aquos Ultra-X Feeder Rods

Two piece rods designed to break down equally Avail...
Prices from 89.41 €

Matrix Aquos Ultra-C Feeder Rods

Available in four lengths 9ft,10ft,11ft & 12ft Desi...
Prices from 72.94 €

Daiwa Ninja X Stalker Feeder

Daiwa Ninja X Stalker Feeder
New 2024!
The Ninja X Stalker models are the perfect tool, when large...
Prices from 61.20 €

Daiwa Ninja X Feeder rods

Daiwa Ninja X Feeder rods
New 2024!
With the Ninja X feeder rods DAIWA offers a series of premiu...
Prices from 67.60 €

DAM Intenze Feeder Coarse Rod

24T Carbon fiber construction Slim and powerful bla...
Prices from 40.71 €

GURU A-Class Natural Feeder rods

The A-Class Natural feeder rods have been designed for tradi...
Prices from 81.18 €

GURU N-Gauge Feeder

The 10ft Feeder is one of the most popular length rods on co...
Prices from 197.65 €

Preston Supera X Feeder rods

Designing a premium range of rods which meets the demands of...
Prices from 224.00 €

Delphin River Trophy NXT rod

After a successful series of RIVER TROPHY rods, Delphin come...
Prices from 96.47 €

Delphin Magma M3 Light & Medium & Heavy

Delphin MAGMA M3 range available in bordeaux red color, is t...
Prices from 85.65 €

Daiwa Black Widow Feeder Rods

The Black Widow Feeder series from DAIWA offers an extensive...
Prices from 53.40 €

Daiwa Aqualite Feeder rods

Aqualite feeder rods definetively belong to the circle of mo...
Prices from 92.60 €

Preston Ignition Carp Feeder Rods

A comprehensive range of rods that are perfect for any comme...
Prices from 70.12 €

Preston Carbonactive Supera Feeder Rods

The Carbonactive Supera rod range is the ultimate all round...
Prices from 225.88 €

Preston Super Feeder Rods

The Super Feeder Range of rods are designed primarily for na...
Prices from 85.65 €

DAM Base-X Feeder

The Base-X Feeder rods are truly powerful feeder rods with a...
Prices from 33.18 €

DAM DETEK Feeder Rods

The DAM DETEK Feeder rods are developed for feeder fishing f...
Prices from 77.41 €
Feeder rods are rods intended for the type of ground feeder fishing, where the signaling function is played by a delicate and sensitive tip, which can be selected and adapted to the conditions of the fishery. A feeder rod usually comes with 2 or 3 interchangeable tips of different hardness.
Rods are constructions from 3 meters to even 4.5 meters long, shorter feeder rods are great rods for commercial fisheries or for fishing so-called method feeder, while the longer ones are models for long lake throwing or for rivers.
The large range of casting weights allows them to be used not only on lakes for catching smaller roaches, bream and other species, but also on large rivers with a lot of pull.