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Monofilament mainlines for predator fishing
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Toray Polyamide Plus

Toray Polyamide Plus
New 2024!
Prices from 13.41 €

Toray Area Trout Real Fighter Nylon Super Soft

Toray Area Trout Real Fighter Nylon Super Soft
New 2024!
Unique high-strength design allows you to select thinner lin...
Prices from 10.12 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines Super Camou Clear

Super Camou Clear Dragon Absolutely transparent, invisible...
Prices from 1.11 €

Shimano Technium line

The triple core technology in Technium mono has always made...
Prices from 10.82 €

Trabucco Monofilament Lines T-Force Spinning Perch

Designed for perch spinning and deadbaiting. Very high knot...
Prices from 7.76 €

Savage Gear Monofilament Lines Silencer Mono

Super silent, soft and low stretch mono line, with a high br...
Prices from 4.24 €

Seaguar Monofilament Lines Real Suspend Iso

Durable Japanese Real Suspend Iso, suspending monofilament...
Prices from 15.29 €

Sufix Monofilament Lines Ultra Knot

Sufix Ultra Knot is a low-memory, supple monofilament line....
Prices from 4.71 €

YGK Monofilament Lines X-Braid UGO M5

● Newly designed super soft W-DUM nylon adopted ● Dramatic...
Prices from 6.12 €

Quantum Quattron Salsa

Transparent red line with outstanding qualities. The red col...
Prices from 52.47 €

Varivas Monofilaments Mebaru Gate Nylon

- VEP Manufacturing : 20X (times) the abrasion-resistance of...
Prices from 9.53 €

Varivas Monofilaments Game Nylon

Super strong, tournament IGFA class Game Nylon. Designed to...
Prices from 12.71 €

Varivas Monofilaments Absolute CB Nylon

Absolute CB Nylon "Cover Breaker" made especially for bass a...
Prices from 11.18 €

Dragon Monofilament mainlines HM80 v.2 MONO 150m

New generation of hybrid line, made in the process of so-cal...
Prices from 6.71 €

Dragon Monofilament mainlines HM69 Pro v.2 MONO 150m

New hybrid line, which contains in standard nylon structure...
Prices from 5.65 €

Sufix Monofilament Lines XL Strong

Sufix XL Strong is an exceptionally soft, smooth and supple...
Prices from 7.06 €

Sufix DuraFlex

Sufix Duraflex is an ultra-premium monofilament line with ne...
Prices from 7.06 €

RtB Refuse to Blank Monofilament Lines RTB ADV Light Game

- Special monofilament line for light spinning fishing -...
Prices from 3.95 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines Team Dragon Supreme

Team Dragon Supreme is a line designed for light fishing usi...
Prices from 3.25 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines Team Dragon INVISIBLE

A sister product of the Supreme fishing line, which shares i...
Prices from 3.25 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines Team Dragon SPINN 2020

Top class fishing line designed for fishing using spinning t...
Prices from 2.45 €

Sufix Monofilament Lines Nanoline

The Sufix Nanoline spinning line has been developed for fish...
Prices from 5.88 €

Owner Monofilament Lines Broad - Green

OWNER BROAD Green High end mono line. Green camou colour m...
Prices from 4.82 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines Street Fishing Perch Leader

Specialist line for leaders when using braid as main line fo...
Prices from 0.82 €

Dragon Monofilament Lines Millennium Perch

Soft and very smooth fishing line, without memory. Ideally p...
Prices from 3.01 €

Fujishi Monofilament Lines TEAM FUJISHI BI COLOR H.VIS.

The TEAM FUJISHI BI COLOR H.VIS. is a high visible monofilam...
Prices from 8.59 €

Sufix Advance Hi-Vis Yellow monofilament lines

Advance Hi-Vis Green received EFTTEX Awards 2017 Best Monofi...
Prices from 4.71 €

Sufix Advance Lo-Vis Green Monofilament Lines

Advance Hi-Vis Green received EFTTEX Awards 2017 Best Monofi...
Prices from 6.12 €

Sufix Advance Clear Monofilament Lines

Advance Hi-Vis Green received EFTTEX Awards 2017 Best Monofi...
Prices from 6.12 €

Gamakatsu Super G-Line

As Super G-line Flex, also this is a great line made by high...
Prices from 3.29 €

Dragon Specialist Pro - Spinn & Cast

Versatile, modern line for most of the methods used for spin...
Prices from 6.00 €


A connect-spooled nylon line born in order for the customers...
Prices from 3.53 €
Despite the increasing popularity of braided lines, the traditional nylon spinning line still has its loyal fans. No wonder, these products are constantly developed and have many features that can be very useful under certain conditions. The modern spinning line is a strong construction, with no twisting tendency, and their extensibility can give us many benefits - such as additional cushioning when fishing.
We present spinning lines from leading manufacturers such as Momoi, Sufix, Varivas, Dragon,