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Reel cases
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Dragon Neoprene reel bag

It is perfect for transporting a rod with a reel size 20-40....
Prices from 8.45 €

Dragon One compartment reel case Megabaits

Classic case for one reel in size up to 40.
Prices from 6.07 €

Dragon Bag for reels and spare spools Megabaits

Bag with movable, soft compartments, designed for storage an...
Prices from 19.05 €

Dragon Reel case G.P. Concept

Soft inside material perfectly protects the reel from mechan...
Prices from 6.79 €

Dragon Reel case Street Fishing

Soft material inside perfectly protects the reel against mec...
Prices from 6.31 €

Dragon One compartment reel case DGN

DRAGON DGN cases and bags are made from very strong and wate...
Prices from 6.79 €

DAM Reel case IMAX Oceanic

Protect your precious reels when not in use with this tough...
Prices from 14.52 €

Savage Gear Neoprene Reel Cover

Keep your reel safe and protected during storage or transpor...
Prices from 9.05 €

Guideline Reelbag

A new, tough, bag for storing your reels, lines, fly boxes,...
Prices from 112.14 €

Guideline Gear Bag

Tough, large bag for storing everything from tippet spools,...
Prices from 122.38 €

Jaxon Reel case XAI

Prices from 7.98 €

Many anglers know that the simplest and fastest way to damage a fishing reel is during transport and when the product is not properly secured. The reel has many moving parts that can be damaged, including bail, handle or spool (although more often it is the axis on which it moves). It is enough to drop the reel to the ground or hit it and you need to look for a service or repair it yourself. That's why it's so important to have the right reel cover.

When choosing a cover, pay attention to its size. It's best with a slight looseness, not the biggest one we can buy. Unless you plan to keep two reels in one reel cover then it makes the most sense. It is often when we fish with ground methods or with a float that we have two identical rods, so the reels are also included.

The store's offer also includes larger reel bags, which will best protect your reels and spools. Such a bag can be kept at home and before each trip take out the necessary reel or reels for exactly this fishing. The bags are large enough to store small fishing accessories.

The reel cover in most models is made of a soft material, sometimes even a neoprene cover. In larger models that are intended to accommodate two or more pieces, movable partitions are often found. By moving them, we can quickly adjust the size of the compartments to the size of the reels.

Using special covers, we can well protect the reel, which will serve us for many years.