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Shimano Metanium DC A

Shimano Metanium DC A
New 2024!
The Metanium DC is the flagship model of the Shimano’s Europ...
Prices from 560.71 €

Shimano SLX A

Shimano SLX A
New 2024!
The SLX is one of Shimano’s most popular baitcasting reels a...
Prices from 147.62 €

Daiwa 23 Tatula TW 100

Daiwa 23 Tatula TW 100
New 2024!
The all-rounder with Hyperdrive Design! The novel Hyperdriv...
Prices from 167.14 €

Shimano Curado M

Shimano Curado M
New 2024!
As tough as a tank, with the performance of a sports car, th...
Prices from 200.00 €

Okuma Ceymar Low profile reel

Corrosion-resistant graphite frame and side plates A60...
Prices from 84.52 €

Westin W6 Baitcasting Reels

Westin W6 Baitcasting Reels
New 2024!
Introducing the top-notch W6 series of baitcasting reels, no...
Prices from 263.57 €

Westin W4 Baitcasting Reels

Westin W4 Baitcasting Reels
New 2024!
Introducing the W4 series of baitcasting reels - the perfect...
Prices from 202.62 €

Jaxon Zeus XT

Jaxon Zeus XT
New 2024!
Prices from 72.86 €

Shimano Metanium MGL B

The Metanium is a stunning baitcasting reel that sits toward...
Prices from 452.38 €

Daiwa Steez A II TW *

Daiwa Steez A II TW *
New 2024!
The new extra-strong baitcasting reel from Japan! With th...
Prices from 548.57 €

Abu Garcia Multiplier Reels Ambassadeur Beast HD

The Ambassadeur Beast HD reel is designed for heavy duty pik...
Prices from 415.71 €

Abu Garcia Multiplikator Revo® Rocket Low Profile Reel

Abu Garcia Multiplikator Revo® Rocket Low Profile Reel
New 2024!
Redesigned from the ground up, the 5th generation of Revo lo...
Prices from 285.71 €

Shimano SLX DC A

The SLX DC is one of the leading reels in the hugely popular...
Prices from 266.67 €

Shimano Calcutta Conquest MD

The Calcutta Conquest MD is the ultimate baitcasting reel fo...
Prices from 554.76 €

Lew’s Team Lew's Pro-Ti Baitcast Reel

Built specifically for those who fish with nothing less than...
Prices from 348.81 €

Lew’s Team Lew's Elite-Ti Baitcast Reel

The finest materials. Industry-leading craftsmanship. Unprec...
Prices from 436.90 €

Daiwa Tatula Elite Pitchin'Flippin' 103 HSL / XSL *

This unique reel from the Tatula series has been especially...
Prices from 223.81 €

Daiwa Tatula SV TW 70 HL / XHL

If you are looking for a compact and lightweight reel, that...
Prices from 198.33 €

13 Fishing Inception SLD 2

Reborn with massive upgrades, the Inception SLD2 is a gem in...
Prices from 167.86 €

13 Fishing Modus TX2

Designed and built for saltwater fishing, this Modus has ear...
Prices from 124.05 €

13 Fishing Modus C2

You know the little brother that makes the Little league bas...
Prices from 128.81 €

Shimano SLX

The SLX is a stunning value for money baitcaster that delive...
Prices from 124.05 €

Lew’s Team Lew`s HyperMag Speed Spool SLP

Lew`s HyperMag Speed Spool SLP features a strong magnesium f...
Prices from 300.00 €

Shimano SLX XT DC

The SLX DC XT is the leading model in the hugely popular SLX...
Prices from 302.38 €

Abu Garcia Revo X Low Profile Reel

Redesigned from the ground up, the 5th generation of Revo lo...
Prices from 114.52 €

Abu Garcia Revo SX Rocket Low Profile Reel

Redesigned from the ground up, the 5th generation of Revo lo...
Prices from 200.24 €

Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel

Redesigned from the ground up, the 5th generation of Revo lo...
Prices from 154.76 €

Abu Garcia Revo STX Low Profile Reel

Redesigned from the ground up, the 5th generation of Revo lo...
Prices from 178.57 €

Abu Garcia Revo Winch Low Profile Reel

Redesigned from the ground up, the 5th generation of Revo lo...
Prices from 209.52 €

13 Fishing Modus SZ2

Emanating performance and beauty, the Modus SZ2 has the sile...
Prices from 167.14 €

Lew’s Pro Ti SLP

Built on the exclusive SLP Super Low Profile platform, which...
Prices from 376.19 €

Lew’s Speed Spool Inshore LFS

The Lew’s Inshore Speed Spool LFS is ready for whatever you...
Prices from 140.48 €

Lew’s Speed Spool LFS 2nd Gen

The original Lew’s Speed Spool set the bar for performance i...
Prices from 114.76 €

Lew’s SuperDuty GX3

The Lew’s workhorse SuperDuty GX3 baitcast series with an ea...
Prices from 150.00 €

Lew’s SuperDuty 300 Speed Spool

The SuperDuty 300 is truly the ultimate reel for big bait, h...
Prices from 209.52 €

Lew’s Pro SP Skipping and Pitching SLP

From the mind of professional angler Andy Montgomery and the...
Prices from 192.86 €

Lew’s BB1 Pro

Ever fine tuning, Team Lew’s has redefined exceptionalism wi...
Prices from 188.10 €

Lew’s Mach I Baitcast SLP

With a premium 8-bearing system, double-shielded stainless s...
Prices from 107.14 €

Lew’s KVD

Built with exacting specifications, the new KVD Series reels...
Prices from 141.19 €

Lew’s Custom Lite SLP

Weighing in at just 4.9 ounces, the Custom Lite SLP baitcast...
Prices from 266.67 €
The casting reels is a type of fishing reel with a moving spool and it is a direct descendant and the result of the development of the first and relatively simple constructions with a moving spool. Unlike a traditional fishing reel with a fixed spool, the casting reel is equipped with a main axis supported by two points. There is a spool on this axle. The entire drive mechanism is synchronized with the guide - the guide responsible for evenly distributing the line on the spool.
The main advantages of these reels are their durability and resistance to significant loads. Another important advantage of the casting multiplier reel is the movable spool, which rotates during the cast, feeding the line, thanks to which there are no resistances associated with the friction of the line against the edge of the spool.

Low profile or round profile reel?

The answer depends on destiny. The Low-profile reel is a smaller oval shape of the baitcasting multiplier when viewed from the side. Very often it is equipped with a magnetic brake that helps to control the line extension during the cast. It is usually smaller than its round counterparts, which makes it more practical.
A frequent choice for light pike rigs, such as jerkbait rods.
Light casting reels are perfect for jigging in search of perch.
Thanks to the use of extremely light spools and high-quality bearings, the producers have reduced the rolling resistance. What does it give us? First of all, it allows us to handle very light lures - small trout wobblers or perch soft lures.

The round reel is nothing more than the bigger brother of the low profile reel. It is characterized by a much stronger construction, which is also paid for by the greater weight of the spool. This generates more rolling resistance during the throw, but it compensates us with power. This type of casting reels are mainly used for heavy types of casting. These are jerkbait reels, i.e. the largest jerkbaits, powerful super deep runner wobblers, huge poppers or even heavy rubber lures - these are the lures most often used when fishing for the largest predatory fish - catfish, salmon or pike.

A huge selection of casting reels in various editions, including both cult propositions from ABU Garcia and technologically advanced from such brands as 13 Fishing, Daiwa, Shimano, Okuma, Penn, Quantum, Lew's.