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Pilkers, sea fishing jigs
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Dega Hitra strong luminous

Dega Hitra strong luminous
New 2023!
Hitra-Pilk bright illumination Extremely luminous night ligh...
Prices from 20.94 €

Dega Hadanger strong luminous

Dega Hadanger strong luminous
New 2023!
Prices from 20.94 €

Dega Lofoten strong luminous

Dega Lofoten strong luminous
New 2023!
Illuminous Norwegian Pilker. The present hit in Norway – for...
Prices from 20.24 €

Dega Pilkery Soren Luminous

Dega Pilkery Soren Luminous
New 2023!
Soren Pirk Light for the Baltic Sea - Heavy for Norway Quote...
Prices from 12.24 €

Kinetic Kinetic Depth Diver

Kinetic Kinetic Depth Diver
New 2023!
You can never get down to fast! With this in mind, we create...
Prices from 4.00 €

Kinetic Twister Sister

Kinetic Twister Sister
New 2023!
Superb deep diving pilk with seductive swimming actions. Wor...
Prices from 8.47 €

Kinetic Kinetic Pilken Stainless

Kinetic Kinetic Pilken Stainless
New 2023!
Handcrafted pilk with extreme fishing abilities and stand-al...
Prices from 6.59 €

Kinetic Kinetic Pilken

Kinetic Kinetic Pilken
New 2023!
Kinetic Pilken is a classic banana shaped pilk that has prov...
Prices from 4.94 €

Solvkroken Pilkers Chain

Solvkroken Chain is a new, innovative and unique designed pi...
Prices from 18.35 €

Molix Metal Jigs Jugulo Wide Casting Jig

It is a metal jig designed for the modern spinning and the u...
Prices from 9.76 €

Tict Cool Jig

Tict Cool Jig
New 2023!
The slender silhouette expresses the form and size of baitfi...
Prices from 6.71 €

Williamson Metal Jigs Abyss Speed Jig

This unique potbelly shaped body will get your jig down fast...
Prices from 11.65 €

Williamson Metal Jigs Benthos Speed Jig

The diamond shape propels the jig in a high-speed vertical d...
Prices from 14.12 €

Shimano Lures Ocea Butterfly Wing

This rear weighted flat fall jigging lure flutters on the de...
Prices from 18.12 €

Shimano Ocea Center Sardine

The Center Sardine is a slim jig with a special center balan...
Prices from 12.47 €

Shimano Ocea Sardine Waver

Rigged with a jig assist and available in five baitfish pat...
Prices from 13.18 €

Shimano Tiger Baku Baku

The Tiger Baku Baku design utilises a low centre of gravity...
Prices from 14.59 €

Shimano Flat Baku Baku

Flat Baku Baku has a flat head profile which shakes and sway...
Prices from 14.82 €

Savage Gear Micro Jigs Flatline TG

Cast further and dive deeper than any other micro jig on the...
Prices from 7.44 €

DUO Drag Metal Cast

The long awaited DUO’s answer to shore jigging. Drag Metal f...
Prices from 9.06 €

DUO Drag Metal Cast Shot

There is no blind spot with long-distance casting ability +...
Prices from 10.47 €

Williamson Metal Jigs Vortex Speed Jig

The Williamson Vortex Speed Jig is one of the most innovativ...
Prices from 11.41 €

Ragot Ragtenya

Fishing on Tenya is still a complex and more technical fishe...
Prices from 5.53 €

DAM Salt-X Herring Pilks

The Salt-X Herring Pilks are designed for vertical fishing f...
Prices from 10.82 €

DAM Salt-X Mackerel Pilks

The Salt-X Mackerel Pilks are designed for vertical fishing...
Prices from 10.35 €

Savage Gear Sea lures Cuttle Eye Skirts

The skirt has the perfect combination of colors and material...
Prices from 5.55 €

Savage Gear Sea lures 3D Slim Jig Minnow

Based on the Scan of a baby sardine, the Slim Jig Minnow is...
Prices from 10.35 €

Savage Gear 3D Jig Minnow

Based on the Scan of a baby sardine, the Jig Minnow is desig...
Prices from 6.21 €

Solvkroken Stingsilda Holographic

The world’s most famous herring lure! Very realistic imitati...
Prices from 5.65 €

Solvkroken Stingsilda

Very popular Jig with great catch results. Available in clas...
Prices from 3.81 €

Solvkroken Pilkers Svenskepilk Rustfri Deco

The Classic jigger that is a bestseller around the world, is...
Prices from 11.06 €

Solvkroken Svenskepilk Rustfri

Rustfri Svenskepilk This classic jig is a bestseller around...
Prices from 9.88 €

Solvkroken Pilkers Svenskepilk Holographic

The Svenskepilk 40B has been given a new holographic finish....
Prices from 22.35 €

Solvkroken Pilkers Svenskepilk Fluorescent

The traditional model 40B in a new, fluorescent version. Thi...
Prices from 14.59 €
Pilkers are the most popular sea jigging lures. This technique consists in lowering the pilker to the desired depth and picking up the lure in a variety of ways. Saltwater fishing jigs proven their effectiveness in many fisheries. The variety of shapes and weights (from a dozen or so grams for light jigging in the precipitation, 1 kg pilkers for deep Norwegian and Icelandic fisheries) will allow you to choose the optimal model for the conditions in the fishery.
The offer includes proven solutions from manufacturers such as Norwegian jigs Solvkroken, DAM, Savage Gear and more.