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Preston Dura Slip Catapult

Preston Dura Slip Catapult
New 2024!
The ideal catapult for pole tactics with all baits, the Dura...
Prices from 6.24 €

Preston Groundbait Catapult

Preston Groundbait Catapult
New 2024!
Designed to propel balls of groundbait with ease, this catap...
Prices from 4.94 €

Stonfo MAXI

Prices from 6.94 €


Prices from 6.71 €

Delphin Spare gum for CTP catapult

CTP Delphin catapult is a high quality and reliable product...
Prices from 6.24 €

Delphin Catapult SHOT Cubus

Catapult Delphin SHOT Cubus is a quality, reliable and affor...
Prices from 7.91 €

Delphin Catapult SHOT Conus

Catapult Delphin SHOT Conus is a quality, reliable and affor...
Prices from 7.76 €

Preston Pellet Pult

Pelletpults have been designed with commercial fisheries in...
Prices from 4.14 €

Preston Match Pult

The Match Pult has been purposely designed for natural baits...
Prices from 2.82 €

Stonfo Catapults X series

Catapult X series Short distance(405) - designed for surface...
Prices from 7.65 €

Stonfo Catapults Fionde Pro Match

Competition catapults with soft touch handle. Allow maximum...
Prices from 8.94 €

Stonfo Catapults Fionda Maxi

Aluminium catapults with anatomic plastic handle and soft ru...
Prices from 16.71 €

Stonfo Aluminium catapults 339

Aluminium catapults with unbreakable anatomic plastic handle...
Prices from 12.71 €

Middy Catapults Middy

The tackle of each advanced angler specialising in catching...
Prices from 8.94 €

Jaxon Catapults

The tackle of each advanced angler specialising in catching...
Prices from 2.26 €
Properly selected groundbait can determine the success or failure of fishing, however, even the best groundbait will not help if it is not properly fed. The ability to precisely feed bait is one of the key elements of float fishing, also during fishing competitions. It is extremely important to select fishing catapults to the type and form of the fed groundbait and the distance at which we want to shoot it.
That is why we have a wide range of slingshots for various applications, worm fishing slingshots, universal slingshots, up to powerful structures capable of throwing bait balls over long distances.